Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ring size - Tips for Engagement rings and Wedding Bands

A professional jeweler can determine proper ring size using a set of steel gauge-rings. These "ring sizers" come in narrow and wide widths.

Other methods, such as measuring the finger with a strip of paper, or slipping the finger through pre-cut "measuring holes", are inaccurate.

A wider band can be worn more loosely. Large knuckles/hands should wear a slightly loose ring, while slimmer knuckles/smaller hands will require a tighter ring.

A good way for a "rough-and-ready" measurement is to find a ring that is just smaller than the second knuckle of the finger. This way the fit is comfortable but will not slide off the finger. The method of trying on a ring and shaking the hand violently, to see if the ring comes off.

(1) Fingers change over the course of the day. It has been recommended that fingers be measured at the end of the day, when they are at their largest diameters. Heat makes fingers thicker. Cold makes fingers thinner.

(2) Midday is the most frequent temperature and moisture of your region.

(3) Existing fitted rings can also be measured for increased accuracy. Other factors that can affect ring size include: the menstrual cycle, temperature, humidity, water-retention and exercise.

(4)Check if your rings can be resized.

(5) *Be sure! The difference in diameter between one size and another is less than 0.32 mm.!The wrong measurement can cause easily the loss of your precious ring or, when the ring is to small, it hurt or you cannot put the ring on your finger!


Solitairebride understands from friends that they can no longer fit their finger after pregnancy ( i suppose this is an extreme case).

Her engagement ring flew off when she shake it violently (big indication that her ring is way off target). And realise that a ring clip is seriously useless.

She's currently trying out her mum's ring that fits but realise that her fingers do expand and contract through the day. When its tighter (such that it will leave a mark on her) or looser (when its looser it will slide off but still remains on her finger).

So she forsees that this is simply a matter of personal preference or she's just have plain weird fingers

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grand Park Hotel - Actual Wedding Review

Attended my cousin's wedding at Grand Park Hotel in December 2009. In my earlier write up on Grand Park Hotel wedding show, i raved about the pretty and pillarless ballroom. The nice reception and the nice bridal suite. For recap, please see here.

This is an actual wedding review particularly on the food and service during this dinner.
The reception table for receiving guests is pretty and bright.
The reception area in its full glamour.

For the dinner, red and gold is chosen for the VIP table and gold for all other guests. The ballroom decoration is similar to my visit previously so no pictures are shown on the ballroom for the night.

I like the ambience of the ballroom before the wedding. Give's one a feeling of anticipation huh?

During the dinner reception, canapes and some light snacks are served. I like the pretty mocktail. Nice to drink and a very good appetiser.

The spotlight on the newlyweds during wedding dinner. And with that LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED.

The 8 dish menu for the night:
1. Suckling Pig Combination
I love the colourchanging lovebirds display. Entranced by it and its quite different from the usual candles.

2. Braised Shark Fin's Soup with Four Treasures
I got a huge serving of the shark fin. At least, its not pure soup with no fins or just crab meat.

3. Stir-fried fresh scallops, asparagus with macadamia nuts in XO sauce
This is quite the usual fare from chinese restaurants.

4. Deep-fried large prawns in Wasabi Sauce Topped with Sesame Seeds
Personally don't like this dish as i find this too creamy and unwasabi-ish.

5. Steamed red groupa in Hong Kong Style
6. Roast Duck "Canton Style"
7. Fried Udon noodles with Seafood
8. Chilled cream of mango with sago and Pomelo
The entire food selection is fairly standard and appetising. I would say it doesn't surprise nor dissappoint unless you are really peculiar on food.

The second march in came with my favourite bubble effect. This is also a photographer's best mood cum effect opportunity. The dry ice effect doesn't look appealling on photos.

And the wedding favours?

The service for the night is good. The food being promptly served and drinks replenished. It has been quite a pleasant and fuss free evening.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Love Story

This may appear to look like a wedding MTV.
But in actual fact this is a actual day wedding video.
The videographer has done a very good job. I really like the interaction between the wedding couple as well as the family member. It is very touching. And make me feel like falling in love again.

Too bad the videographer is from Shanghai. Awwwww~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Floral handmade ring flower

Came upon this handmade ring flower that can hold rings. Lemming for it to be my wedding ring holder now.

I love the little attention to details and personalisation (names & dates can be printed). Also, good for a surprise proposal. How i wish my boyfriend did the same!

This can be found at

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The unique ring bearer

Rather than a common ring pillow, why not consider using a ring bowl. This can be a celebration plate and a customised ring plate. You can tie with it like a normal ring pillow with ribbons. After the wedding, you can place your jewellery or keys. One item with multiple usage.

photo from lovegrowsbygiving

Where to buy? Go to Esty and search: ring bowls.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mannequin Balloons

Life size bride and groom made from balloons.

Table size balloons.

Some ideas i gathered from Park Hotel Wedding Show. A arch made from balloons for the bridal march in.

But i think a mannequin balloons is cuter.