Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Best Apps for Wedding

With everything being so tech savvy these days, there are even apps that helps you plan your wedding. wow! This really take wedding planning to up another level.

I chance upon this article that on Apps. Hope you like it as much as i do! I even download some of the Apps to play. :D

Please click here for the life scoop's write up on the wedding apps.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The nail spa and wellness review (SOTHY's facial)

Facial using SOTHY's products is also on my list of to trial facials. I did the skin renewal facial ( promotion item) at the Nail Spa and Wellness.

There is no skin analysis and i proceed with facial almost immediately after arrival.

The ambience and surroundings is nice and simple. The facial room is lined with a myriad of Sothy's products. Though there are individual rooms, each room is not sound proof. i.e. you can still hear your next door neighbour's conversation.


I felt that the products used is really great. Almost immediate perk up similar to La Mer facial. There is no machine involved which is my preferred method of facial, traditional and relys heavily the mastery of facial therapist and the facial products.

The therapist made a several mistakes that i thought is a no-no which brings to mind if she has been adequately trained and taught:

  1. Barging in the room while i was changing (lucky i almost done), imagine my embarrassment if i'm starked naked!
  2. Never explaining the facial process and when i show discomfort due to exfoliating crystal getting in my eyes. The therapist keep telling me to not open the eyes and never pause the facial to help me.
  3. Exfloliate around the eyes. This is a no-no for me as the eyes are delicate and should not undergo such treatment.
  4. The therapist is very heavy handed and not at all gentle. This makes me feel more stressed than relaxed which defeats the purpose of a facial.  For example, it felt like choking every time she did the shoulder massage.
  5. Never elevate my legs with the cushion that is available. Halfway through the treatment, my legs felt numb and sore for laying flat. Never know i will get such discomfort from just laying straight as a log.

The package is offered with facial and neck/eye treatment at the Nail Spa and Wellness.

This is quite a stark contrast with the SKII and La Mer facial offered. Both SKII and La Mer facial offered more in my humble opinion for the same value. SKII for its attentiveness, thoroughness and attention to detail in recommending the package the most suited for the individual while La Mer facial covered not only the face, eyes and neck but also the calf and hands which is almost a full body massage.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Do you know? I got the first click through on the advertisements on Wednesday 27 June 2012.

You can't believe how it made my day. (Yay! tap and dance around a little)

Really thank you whoever you are! Its the first significant mile stone and it sure does encourage me to write more!(you like it?) I think so too! Can't wipe the grin off my face. Ha ha.......