Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello i'm on facebook

Hi all, i'm on facebook. You can add me if you wish.

Just search for me under my email address.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Home decor - Part 2

This is the refurbishing. All you need is love and creativity.

I'm loving it.

The living room is totally IKEA.

My SO wants fresh flowers. I hope it will not be there till its dried and sad

Friday, August 20, 2010

Altered crochetted dolls

Yups its the crochetted dolls again. Don't i ever get bored? This is real simple and i'm so glad it works as well as i envisioned. Normally, it really takes forever before i get something that is at least satisfactory. I'm doing this so my pretty dolls can be placed nicely on my bedside table.

Materials needed:
- the crochetted dolls
- rub it ons
- paint (leftover from home painting)
- oval plaque
- Glue
First, i rub on the text on the oval plaque that was already painted and dried.
Embellish where necessary. I added a red heart.

The final product.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home decor make over - Part 1

All you need to do to an old house is a little sprucing up.

Room makeover

This room is rented out and now will be our wedding room temporarily until our house it completed.


Living room makeover


A coat of paint is all it needs to give everything a new lease of life. If you really really wish to save, the best way is to do it yourself.

That's what we did. Its a lot of hard work, sweat and toil. Me being the girl gets to ya ya. The men did all the difficult part. And i got a beautiful house.

A little more furnishing is all it needs to make this house perfect.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to make life difficult for the bestmen!

This is a super innovative idea by my friend. And i personally think that this is really interesting. Spicy buffalo wings at Sunset Grill.

Its actually a eat out place at singapore flying club. And its super ulu. But you definitely need a car to get in.

Its fun to try. I nearly killed myself trying the super hot wings. The lips just turned red and sore. I couldn't make myself finish that one wing. But i did finish one. And this is only level 3 only. There are like 30 levels to go. Kudos to my friend and boyfriend who took 2 of the wings each.

Downed the wings with Erdinger beer. At least this made the wings bearable. ah yes... i'm a little alcoholic. :D

And the super nice fried mushrooms recommended by my friend who brought us there.

I heard the guys who tried out the level 15 wings on my friends wedding day thinks its not spicy at all (of course la, they peeled off the skin that is mains).

Somehow, my SO is begging to try level 5 chicken wings. Alloz, these wings are not cheap. They come at a hefty price of S$6 per wings (this is for level 15). Price varies as you move up or down the level scale. Sorry, chilli padi for you darling. Mucks.

For those who are really interested to try:
- 140 B Piccadilly Road

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Made with Love

This is my first 12 x 12 layout for this year. Inspired by all the scrapbook works that we purchased for our colleagues. I decided to give it a go (after encouragement from SO). He says that i can do it as well as those people who sell their works online. Beams

I'm quite satisfied with the overall effect. This is the work after seeking some comments and improvement. Made with love and well wishes.

Congrats on your wedding sharon!

The layout.


The final product

Saturday, August 7, 2010

We are getting married!!!

Finally, submitted our ROM registration. Courtesy of my SO. I can't share this experience because i didn't apply for this.

The ROM registration is actually making me so nervous. Because this is the official notice! You need to pay S$26 for registration by the way.

As for the wedding prepartion, i think i'm making good progress.

-Invitations are printed out.
-Finalise banquet details.

Things i still need to do:
- Photo album layout
- Alter evening gown

Guo Da Li
- 12 cans of pig trotters
- Mandarin oranges
- Wedding cakes

Actual day morning events
- Bridesmaids clothes
- Bridemaids corsages
- Bestmen tie
- Actual day buffet

Actual day banquet
- Table centrepiece
- Canvas print
- Prepare invitations
- Wine to purchase
- Table seating arrangements
- Montage
- Original songs and to contact relevant authorities for syncing video with songs(this irritates the hell out of me, they just like to target weddings huh?)

This looks like a pretty long list. But i'm still think i'm making good progress.

This month is a very busy and hectic month. I painted my SO's place and our wedding room, sourced for furniture and my beloved KING size bed. I'm going to decorate the entire place over this long weekend.

We are trying to rush alot of things as come Tuesday its the lunar seventh month and we aren't supposed to do anything during this month. All in all, i'm as busy as a

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My vintage frames

I've been waiting forever for these frames. I chanced upon this as i was surfing etsy. And i finally got my ornate frames. You seldom get to see them in Singapore. Even if they're here, they certainly will cost an arm and leg. These are kinda of expensive too if you consider the freight and exchange. But well, what the heck. I WANT them.

It took a really long time to get here. Like 3 weeks after my purchase. Morale of the story don't make urgent purchases.

What's in the box? Bubble foam.

Tata! the entire family. I got 2 frames at discount. The pink and bubble gum pink. The red one at full cost. Else the frames will cost much much more. But its the cheapest and nicest ones on etsy already.

This is my favourite of them all. Soft pink. Very romantic.
So many things i can use for them. Terrific!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The wedding ticker

You can create your own wedding ticker at

This is my choosen one:

When is my wedding

Because its cute and i'm turning into a Bridezilla.