Monday, May 31, 2010

Slimming program

Now i really think i'm bonkers. Seriously, who will ever thought i will go for a slimming programme. To date, i've done 2 sessions of a slimming treatment call - G5 and body hot wrap.

G5 applies a G5 cream and then uses a machine to massage it into the body. Hoping to reduce body fat on problem areas like tummy and back thigh. (even if these body parts are obvious under the enormous gown.) But i still like to look my best on my wedding day. After 30mins of the G5 treatment, it will be another 40 mins of hot wrap. The therapist will apply some cream (which probably has methnol). It damn cold to touch. I will shiver after she finish application. Luckily, she wrapped me up in xellophane soon after. After wrapping, i really feel like a mummy. The rest of the time, i'll be wrapped in a hot blanket till the end of 40 mins.

There seem to be no evident improvement in body except the body is more toned and less cellulite. Don't think there is anything else has improved significantly. Though i was told i must do it weekly for 1 month before i can see improvement. But due to other commitment i can only do it on alternate weeks or longer. Sigh. Probably its time to cut my diet and work out more vigoriously.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fitflips for the Gentleman

The solitaire groom upon seeing solitaire bride's pretty bling bling fitflop (see here) also went to make his own purchase in his bid to slim down.

Here's the male version of the shoe. His comments for groom to be for consideration, more effort required for walking and lower back will ache. Hopefully, this means more fats burn?

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Fair Lady - IPSA Super Sun Block

I always like to look fair but i normally don't take extreme measures. I still walk in the sun as usual and what i used to cover up the face is my rountine moisturiser with the minimal spf 20s.

In my attempt to make more effort to look fair and pretty (for the wedding only), i start to source for an appropriate sunblock to apply on my face.

Here comes IPSA super sunblock to the rescue.

I love its texture which is not greasy at all and ease of application. So far, it seems to work well with my current moisturiser.

I hope that i can transform into a Fair Lady on my photoshoot in June till October. Most importantly, its easy on the pocket. So there what are you waiting for?

Anyway, i think recommendations for normal skincare. Sheseido - The skincare series doesn't seem to improve my complexion much. Appreciate any kind recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hollywood Memorabilia

I finally found this locally. I've been surfing for quite some time and most places that sells them only deliver to Canada or USA itself. I especially love the Hollywood Memorabilia from

There is always VPOST, but the freight charges are pretty exorbitant. And then i remembered, Universal Studios, and there seem to be a pretty good chance to get it there. I tried to look for it at the gift store outside of Universal Studios. But there isn't any film reel or canister and the gift store personnel refuse to transfer some of the stuff from inside the Theme park for me. Fortunately, they have this S$2 entry after 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays in the Hollywood arena (essentially the Universal shopping area). So i should still consider myself lucky, perhaps?

Total damage for this is S$33.80 (S$16.90 each).

I also bought a clapboard from China and hope that it will arrive soon to Singapore. Will take pictures of it when i got it. This completes my Hollywood stuff except for a Director's megaphone.

Why they didn't they carry it at the Universal studio? Looks like i probably needs to DIY now.

Buy from AMAZON
Movie Reels Silver
Beistle 50091 Movie Reel with Filmstrip Centerpiece, 9-Inch

Neewer Acrylic Plastic 10x8"/25x20cm Dry Erase Director's Film Clapboard Cut Action Scene Clapper Board Slate with Color Sticks
Neewer® 12''X11''/30cm X 27cm Wooden Director's Film Movie Slateboard Clapper Board


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The new Poh Heng

So far my experience with them has been not too bad.

Recently, i took my engagement ring to re-size as it is too loose for me to wear since the very beginning. And there are numerous scratches on the engagement after 2 years of wear and tear. Part of the band has turned yellow somehow (i swear i didn't wear it for housework), so its time for it to go for an overhaul prior to my photoshoot in mid-june. The kiasu me want to make very sure that everything is done way in advance. Apparently, the servicing of the ring only needs 3 days. It still cost me S$45 to make it scratch free and as good as new. Now i can't bear to wear it till my phootshoot and my wedding day months down the road.

Anyway, i'm quite impressed with the new packaging that Poh Heng has done. It doesn't seem so passe. Its more modern and refreshing. And i'm most impressed with the ring box. The entire interior of the box is now BLACK. I makes my solitaire stands out all the more.

Not only that the Poh Heng brand is also in Gold. Gold against the black. So Classic.

So Poh Heng, please refund me my S$45 after my post. Or better yet, sponsor my jewellery. Muah ha ha.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St Regis

The wedding invite
The formal invite that was sent to me. But it didn't arrive on time for the wedding show. Still i'm very impressed with the invite. The envelope is lined with bronze liner.

The poster of the wedding show. Directions are not specific to direct us but the staff service provides a personal touch redeem the lack of directions.

View from 2nd level.

I like the play of lights against the mirrored wall.

The other vendors during the wedding show.
Vera Wang gown on display.

Piaget jewllery. Showcase of the wedding bands. We are shown a pair of wedding bands (a band within a band) the other band can rotate.

Live music set at the stage. I've ascertained that live music creates the ambience for the event.

This stair case studded with lights lead the way to the ballroom. And yes, i haven't get over my liking of long winding staircase and chandeliars.

Imagine your wedding at st regis. This helps you to envision your dream wedding perhaps.

Suspense before the actual wedding show begins

All the tables are tastefully decorated and pretty impressive to me.

The John Jacob ballroom is pillarless and with individually crafted glass chandeliars. The design of the ballroom make it extremely suitable for live music.

Table requirements
Other function rooms are for relatively small weddings that hold max of 6 tables to 10 tables
John Jacob Astor Ballroom - Max 45 tables


The wedding show decoration.

This must be the best wedding show i've been so far. I love the luxurious feel and the exquisite decoration of event venue. Grand, sophisticated and regal.

Lady Astor theme

Its a dizzy array of themes. All of each is really really beautiful. And what's more at St Regis, they welcome you to personalise your wedding.


The table setting of the wedding show.

This napkin holder is extremely exquisite and a nice touch with the placecards.

Yummy appetisers before ths shop

The canepes served at reception (Marinated baby clams with spicy sauce, chilled sliced pork with sweet garlic sauce, Shanghai-style goose liver).

We started off with appetisers.

The food served during the wedding show is great but the butler passed starters are served in very small portions (not enough for the gluttony).

The main course - Cod fish and rice. Cod fish is steamed with mushrooms and chai por, giving it a unique taste. Yummy.

Rum chilled jelly in Mango, Mini egg tart and Chilled white fungus.

To end the entire wedding show, this delicious three layer dessert tray is served.

Vera Wang

There are 2 brown Bentley's parked outside. One of them is quite uniquely decorated that day. I particularly like the corsage flower that adorn the door.

The cakes that can complement the room decoration.

Other vendors that provide unique money box and ring pillow.

Wedding invites

Wedding favours