Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Faceplus by Yamano (Review)

This company came from japan and a quick google, there is a indeed such a company from japan.

Probably because of its origin and to cater to japanese clientele, the brochures and contracts come in both English and Japanese.

The facial steps:

CleansingSkin is cleansed gently and effectively with mild cleansing lotion to remove make up and impurities.
Clay WashNatural high quality clay remove old cells and skin impurities leading to a clear and beautiful skin.
Enzyme/SteamEnzymes gently break down the keratinous layer and therefore enhance the absorption of active ingredients.
Vacuum/SteamIt gently opens the pores and dirt from the clogged pores are removed.
MassageWith gentle facial and décolleté massage, blood flow of the lymph glands, skin metabolism are improved, easing stiff shoulders and muscles.
Mask3 types of natural clay from 3 countries to match individual skin type and condition.
Head MassageEase your stress and tension away with our relaxing head massage while a face mask is on.
Skin EnhancementSkin enhancement providing skin with our premium skin care to give your skin moisture, promote and revitalize soft supple skin.

According to lady attending to me, the company believes in using natural ingredients to improve the condition of the skin. Hence, all the mask used are specially imported from overseas from as far as Europe.

There is no extraction for this facial and in its place vacuum of the T-zone is performed instead.

Faceplus encourages the clients to go facial bi-weekly. The packages some in two types. Type 1 is like a subscription and attendance is bi weekly. Type 2 is the standard spa package, you buy a certain number of treatments for a certain price.

For both types of packages, they have specific expiry dates and cancellation of facial is strictly not allowed on actual day.

The Review

While the condition of my skin did not improve significantly after the facial, but the entire session is very comfortable and calming. The therapist is very gentle and my face felt like it has been thoroughly pampered.

The room and setting is also satisfying. One minus is that there is no wash basin. So water has to be brought it by the therapist. The bed which i lie on also differs from the other chairs facial salon. Its firm and snug. But as my legs are not elevated, it got numb after a while.

Unbelievably, i signed up for the package. I guess its the feel of the place as well as the super soft treatment of the face that prompted me to give this place a 2nd chance.