Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aster Spring Facial (forrnerly known as Leonard & Drake) Review

There is a Groupon offer on Aster Spring which i decided to try.

The offer is for 100 min Skin Radiance Facial.

The consultant started by requesting me to fill up the form and to state the concerns of my skin condition. After which she began by analyzing my skin with a machine which will show the different colours on the skin tone. Each colour represents pigmentation, dry skin etc etc.

After changing to the bath robe. the consultant started by cleaning then followed by purifying. There is a pricking sensation when an enzyme is putted in my face. What i love most is the mask she applied on my face. It is the traditional type where there is a netting was  placed and subsequently a clay mask is applied. My face feels so pampered and luxurious after the facial.

This has to be the facial was one of the longest i've ever done. I started at 3 pm and ended at 5 pm. In between though the consultant did leave the room for some period and leave me alone in the room for a 15 mins while some of the treatment to take effect. I suppose this contributed to length of time i spent.

But the full price of a facial there seems steep besides the normal package. For the equivalent price, i will rather go for facial at SKII.

Hmmm....after 3 different places for facial, i am still undecided on where to go. There is just no place that blows me off my feet. sigh.