Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Presents (I heart it!)

Recently, a fellow colleague was asking if i can provide some ideas for a friend's wedding. And they preferred something handmade and personalised. I thought for a while and here's the list i came up. All of the below provided an opportunity for hands on experience.

A unique and personalized gift idea. Just provide a photo and describe any scene and your ideas can be brought to life. Imagination is the only limit.

Where to get it:
fotohub or online.

Cross stitch

Every girl would have done it at least once. This pretty thing needs plenty of patience, good eyesight for threading and sewing the stitches. But the effect and effort is great! Look at these pretty thing from my sis to me. :)

where to get it:
any craft shop for materials. There is one shop at Ang Mo Kio called Elsie shop

Crotched dolls:

Created to look like a mininature version of you on your wedding day and it has plenty of function. In front of the car, reception table and of course phototaking!

where to get it:
craft shop or online.


This is something your friend will love to hang it in their room. There is a wide array of materials to choose and totally personalised with any theme. The problem as i've personally encountered is to obtain the wedding photos especially when the gift is meant to be a surprise.

where to get it:
Papermarket or Made with Love or Scraplicious for classes and materials.
Online: many shops on etsy selling personalised items.

The gifts from the heart is the most appreciated and a keepsake to the wedding couple for your blessings.
Point to note: do it in advance so you will have ample time to do it at a relaxing pace. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The joy of blogging

Blogging is about sharing your ideals and experience. And of course, while i may have encounter many detours along the way, i hope others will learn from my lessons and mishaps along the way.

Well, to share with you something exciting that happen. We got the letter from HDB informing us that our house will soon be READY! Yippee! and i've been busy researching on home decor and bloggers who share their journey of creating a place call "HOME". The information that the bloggers shared has helped me alot! Really. So i was glad that i did my little journey of blogging and the great satisfaction i got from the process.

Though currently, i may have lesser to share on weddings. My other experience like my home decor which some will consider part and parcel of weddings will hopefully be helpful in your preparation.

I will also share on my F&E Switzerland and Paris honeymoon for people who are interested in doing it. It wasn't too bad and i like having the leisure of doing things on my own time. Beams.

Stay tuned!