Friday, September 25, 2009

Bridal Show

Visited a bridal show "Brides & Beauty" on 15 August 2009. There was no crowd at the wedding show. Woah! I was quite surprised. The focus of this wedding show is mainly skincare, gowns, photography. The skincare shops are not big brand names but mainly of those neighbourhood shops. I must say i'm quite dissappointed.

I previewed the portfolio of Coffee and Tea Dreamworks. They provide animation, videography and photography services. The photos are nice except they seem unable to confirm the photographer with me for my actual day. And their special promotion is the Live Feed for the bride's viewing on actual day.

The highlight of the day is the showcase of wedding gowns by various boutiques. Below are some snapshots.

The gowns that i like
From Bridal show

This gown from la belle couture is really alluring.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crepe Roses

I stumble across a Martha Steward pack in a scrapbook store at wheelock place. The set is being sold for S$50.

First, i cut out the shape using cardboard from a Martha Stewart template i found online.

Trace and cut out shapes on the crepe paper. 1 square, 3 of each type of petal and the calyx.

Stretch the crepe paper petals.

From Diy

Crimp the edges with a wire.

Wrap the wire around the square to create a bud.

Start with the smallest petals and wind around the bud and slowly complete all the 9 petals. Upon completion, glue the calyx and wrap the entire stem with a flower tape. Add leaves if required.

The crepe rose.

The mini bouquet

The materials cost:
Crepe: S$2.20
Wire: S$2.00
Flower tape: S$1.80
Total cost: S$6.00

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Banquet Hyatt

The entrance of the hotel

And how i love the spiral staircase. I can just imagine a dramatic shot at the staircase wearing a super long train.

The hotel does not have any specific themes. It more of customising the stage decor, table settings and floral arrangements with available selection.

Personally, i favour the ballroom decorations which exudes quiet elegance and sophistication. Below is an actual wedding setup when i visited.

The reception area outside Sir Stamford Room

The reception table

Guest table settings

A close up of the guest table settings

The stage

VIP table settings

Other themes available

The elegantly white and gold

The bold black and red

The reception area outside the grand ballroom

The reception area outside the camellia room

The reception area for Hibiscus Room.

The Hibiscus Room

Table requirements:

Camellia Room: min 10 (weekday)/15 (weekend) - max 18
Hibiscus Room: min 20 (weekday)/25 (weekend) - max 28
Magnolia/Vanda Room: min 25 (weekday)/30 (weekend) - max 42
Grand Ballroom I: min 40 (weekday)/45 (weekend) - max 52
Grand Ballroom I & II: min 50 (weekday)/52 (weekend) - max 70

Bridal Suite

This is a suite as expected of a business hotel.

The living room

The bedroom

The restroom


The keppel room set up for tea ceremony

My Review
For the dinner banquet, there is only 2 menus to choose from. The menu of the weekday package differs from the weekend dinner. Although, swapping of dishes is allowed between menus, i was advised that this is not feasible. On some instances, additional charges apply.

The perks or Hyatt call it the wedding wishes offered are also limited and subject to your tables booked. I understand the hotel is quite strict with giving additional perks.

Additional charges are also expected for a function room for ROM Solemnisation.

The wedding favours offered is typically food. E.g pineapple tart or chocolates. This is find extremely interesting. I gleaned from forums that it yummy too.

Though i'm attracted by the romantic ambience and aesthetically pleasing decorations, my primary reservations are the perks offered. Nevertheless, there is no harm in looking at other options.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Property Web Recommendation
This is the homepage for homes.
Reviews on newly launched or upcoming condominiums and HDBs are reviewed in this website.

The reviews though based on judgements are actually quite straightforward and in my opinion unbiased. Relevant insights, analysis and sometimes caution the potential house buyer on the current booming market.

The reviewers actually put themselves in the shoes of a consumer and hence a more impartial view with minimal conflict of interest.

The review tinged with dark humour is also a good read.