Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will you still love me tomorrow???

"I, take you, to be my wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better or for worse,
for richer, or for poorer,
in sickness and in health.
I further promise to love and cherish you,
and be faithful to you for as long as we both shall live"

What does the term "till death do us part" mean to you? This is something i pondered over this afternoon. How difficult is it to stay on together in sickness, in poverty or in the face of infidelity?

What prompted me to write this is not the recently spate of extramarital affairs that grabbed the nation's attention recently but someone about my age whose husband suffered a stroke 3 years ago and how she stayed by him. It must be such a struggle for her to manage the finances and take care of an ailing husband.

She confide that the people closest to her have actually advised her to leave her husband but she still stood by him resolutely, hoping that some day they have some form of normalcy in their lives. This deeply touched me and it felt like a heavy weight to my heart.

So if this happens to you, what will you do? Stay on with the person no matter how difficult and hard and knowing that all the love is lost after years of illness. An easier choice to make is to leave the person.

Or should you be the one who is sick, will you wish that your better half will stay by you or will you prefer he/she has a more fulfilling life without you.

The question is will you still love me tomorrow?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fancl Facial @ Isetan Wisma (Review)

This facial after 2 months still give me the horrors.

Its a most painful session of facial i had to endure. First of all, the extraction is really squeezing every other bit of my skin. It felt like i had a thousand needles and its all hot and prickly where the therapist hand landed. I came out looking like a bubble bee.

Secondly, I was late and i was penalised very badly. Its my fault for being late but the facial therapist really go by the books and though her next facial is 30 mins away, she did not extend my facial even for 1 minute!!!

And the music in the cabine and outside isetan is very conflicting and jarring. Imagine you have soft music of sea and waves and outside they are playing pop songs of lady gaga. This is definitely the last time i am ever going for a facial at the temporary cabine in a shopping mall.

All these adds up to my very unpleasant experience and by far the worse. Poor service, lousy environment and bad value for money.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Japan Wedding Highlights

I recently attended the wedding of my sister in Japan. The wedding was held both in Singapore and Japan a week apart. A japanese wedding food is simply divine and delicious.

Wedding in Japan is held at Hyatt Regency - Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Wishing them a blissful and happy marriage. Enjoy.

Sis japan wedding highlights from val seah on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aster Spring Facial (forrnerly known as Leonard & Drake) Review

There is a Groupon offer on Aster Spring which i decided to try.

The offer is for 100 min Skin Radiance Facial.

The consultant started by requesting me to fill up the form and to state the concerns of my skin condition. After which she began by analyzing my skin with a machine which will show the different colours on the skin tone. Each colour represents pigmentation, dry skin etc etc.

After changing to the bath robe. the consultant started by cleaning then followed by purifying. There is a pricking sensation when an enzyme is putted in my face. What i love most is the mask she applied on my face. It is the traditional type where there is a netting was  placed and subsequently a clay mask is applied. My face feels so pampered and luxurious after the facial.

This has to be the facial was one of the longest i've ever done. I started at 3 pm and ended at 5 pm. In between though the consultant did leave the room for some period and leave me alone in the room for a 15 mins while some of the treatment to take effect. I suppose this contributed to length of time i spent.

But the full price of a facial there seems steep besides the normal package. For the equivalent price, i will rather go for facial at SKII.

Hmmm....after 3 different places for facial, i am still undecided on where to go. There is just no place that blows me off my feet. sigh.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Best Apps for Wedding

With everything being so tech savvy these days, there are even apps that helps you plan your wedding. wow! This really take wedding planning to up another level.

I chance upon this article that on Apps. Hope you like it as much as i do! I even download some of the Apps to play. :D

Please click here for the life scoop's write up on the wedding apps.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The nail spa and wellness review (SOTHY's facial)

Facial using SOTHY's products is also on my list of to trial facials. I did the skin renewal facial ( promotion item) at the Nail Spa and Wellness.

There is no skin analysis and i proceed with facial almost immediately after arrival.

The ambience and surroundings is nice and simple. The facial room is lined with a myriad of Sothy's products. Though there are individual rooms, each room is not sound proof. i.e. you can still hear your next door neighbour's conversation.


I felt that the products used is really great. Almost immediate perk up similar to La Mer facial. There is no machine involved which is my preferred method of facial, traditional and relys heavily the mastery of facial therapist and the facial products.

The therapist made a several mistakes that i thought is a no-no which brings to mind if she has been adequately trained and taught:

  1. Barging in the room while i was changing (lucky i almost done), imagine my embarrassment if i'm starked naked!
  2. Never explaining the facial process and when i show discomfort due to exfoliating crystal getting in my eyes. The therapist keep telling me to not open the eyes and never pause the facial to help me.
  3. Exfloliate around the eyes. This is a no-no for me as the eyes are delicate and should not undergo such treatment.
  4. The therapist is very heavy handed and not at all gentle. This makes me feel more stressed than relaxed which defeats the purpose of a facial.  For example, it felt like choking every time she did the shoulder massage.
  5. Never elevate my legs with the cushion that is available. Halfway through the treatment, my legs felt numb and sore for laying flat. Never know i will get such discomfort from just laying straight as a log.

The package is offered with facial and neck/eye treatment at the Nail Spa and Wellness.

This is quite a stark contrast with the SKII and La Mer facial offered. Both SKII and La Mer facial offered more in my humble opinion for the same value. SKII for its attentiveness, thoroughness and attention to detail in recommending the package the most suited for the individual while La Mer facial covered not only the face, eyes and neck but also the calf and hands which is almost a full body massage.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Do you know? I got the first click through on the advertisements on Wednesday 27 June 2012.

You can't believe how it made my day. (Yay! tap and dance around a little)

Really thank you whoever you are! Its the first significant mile stone and it sure does encourage me to write more!(you like it?) I think so too! Can't wipe the grin off my face. Ha ha.......

Friday, June 15, 2012

The actual day emergency kit list

One of the most important roles of your bridesmaids is to make sure that you are looking perfect and stress free on your wedding day.  There are so many things that can go wrong on your big day, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.  

Most importantly, let your bridemaids handle all matters, however big or small. Its your big day and you should be pampered like a princess.  Eat whenever you have the chance because its going to be a long day and you're less likely to eat during the wedding banquet itself.

Here's the emergency kit list:

Band aids (Handiplast - get the nude type) - Just in case
Tissues - to wipe the sweat
Bobby pins - to fix the hair
Safety pins - it freak me out when my train fell apart and i am unable to locate any sewing kit in my hotel room
Sewing kit - to fix that dress
Comb – to make sure every strand is in place
Makeup – for touch ups (foundation/lip stick/ blusher)
Blotting Paper – to reduce the shine
Earring Backs – just a few extras to make sure they stay on
Lip Balm – to make sure your lips are moist throughout the day
Dental Floss – to get the food stuck between your teeth
Nail File – to smooth out your nails
Tampons / Panty Liners – just in case
Hand Sanitizer / Wipes – this is more convenient instead of going to the bathroom
Scissors – to cut that loose thread
White Chalk/stain remover – a quick way to hide a stain on your wedding dress especially when you have a hell of a long train
Eye drops - for the contact lenses
Panadol - for the headache
Medicated oil - for sudden aches and that mosquito bite!

Those highlighted in red is what i find particularly helpful on my wedding day and for my friends as well. All these items should be able to fit in a purse that your bridesmaid can have with them all day. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

SKII Spa - Crystal Clear skin (Review)

I stopped facials for 6 months and i look tired. It might have been the late nights, stress hormones or age itself. But i think a girl has to care for her skin. No matter what, i'm due for a beauty regime and so its time to try out a few facial places before finally deciding on a regular place to go. I'm still in search-process though.

Lucky you! You have the first hand information and all without trying!

I've been wanting to try SKII facial for the longest time. Its the steep pricing that hold me back but what the HECK! I need to feel beautiful.

Upon arrival, i am served drinks while waiting. As its my first time there, i got a detailed skin analysis done.

The skin analysis machine will review your skin in terms of pores, elasticity, tone, spots and fine lines. Apparently, its possible to attain crystal clear skin if these 5 dimensions (Radiance enhancement, Texture refinement, Spot, Wrinkle resistance, firmness power) of skin problems are targetted and addressed.

The diagnosis reflect that i have slight uneven tone and not-that-fantastic elasticity (58%). Elasticity was my worse problem compared to the other areas. So based on the skin analysis, i'm recommended the Uplifting Facial.

"A non-invasive face lift incorporates the use of biotechnology to strengthen muscle fibers and skin tissues to retain the skin elasticity as well as all the goodness of SKII to create radiant, youthful looking skin."

So i was ushered to the room and dressed for the facial to start. It started similar to other facials i've done before. First, it starts with the inhaling of the aroma and then cleansing and dead skin removal. After that step, i think something shone on my face for a while before i proceed with steaming. This is the part i usually dislike. Steaming and Extraction.

Personally, i prefer the touch of the hands rather than a machine facial. Extraction is a necessity to rid my black heads and all the clogged pores. Then come the most interesting part of this uplifting facial. I think there are two applicators that are used on the skin which one will give up jolts of electricity and the other to calm the skin down.

Initially, i started on a stronger current on my neck. It got increasing uncomfortable when it moves up from my chin and i need to reduce the voltage. But i still felt sensitivity on my teeth nerves and nerves that i never knew exist. The applicator felt pricky and a little like ant bites in some instances. The most freaky part is when the applicator is on my forehead. I had an old grandma's pin on my hair that i forget to remove and my hair zinged and this sent creeps down my spine. I was shown the effect when i had half my face uplifted. And i just "mmmm" my way, cos all i wanted is for this part to be over. OMG!

Finally, is the facial mask and neck massage. The therapist is heavy handed but it does ease a tired shoulder. What wraps up the facial nicely is a cup of TWG Earl Grey and two very nice cookies!


My skin felt smoother and clearer. My husband can attest to this as well.

To sum up, the facial did give my tired skin the much needed boost. But i doubt i will be do the Uplifting facial again. I still belong to the old fashioned facial type that thinks everything should be done by hands, no machine at all. One facial on the menu list can fit the criteria, Sensational Facial which combines a 55 step relaxing face massage, eye treatments and a sooth scalp massage.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neo Garden Buffet Review

I choose the Simplicity menu for 40 pax.

1) Vegetarian mee hoon
2) Mixed cabbage
3) Sweet and sour fish
4) Honey chicken
5) Samosa
6) Sotong ball
7) Mini chocolate puff
8) Almond jelly and longan
9) Drinks - orange

Response from the sales personnel is fast and prompt. I was sent a reminder severals days after my booking to remind me of my delayed response for confirming my buffet booking.

You will also receive instant 10% discount upon application of membership which saved me a few dollars despite having to pay for membership.

On the day of the event, the staff are timely and fast. Quickly setting up the buffet table and decorating the table setting.

Food could have been better but it sure is plentiful. Never trust the sales if they inform you that they only provide one piece of everything for every guest. I ended up with plenty of leftovers for a party of 45 (i ordered for 40).