Thursday, November 6, 2014

Australia - Tasmania / Melbourne - 10 Days 9 Nights (Part 1 - Itinerary)

This is a free and easy self drive tour. Compared to driving in Perth, it is more difficult drive. Primary due to the narrower roads and bad road conditions. i.e The drive from cradle mountain along Zeehan highway is riddled with pot holes. This is notwithstanding the many carcasses lying along all roads. The roads are very winding and rarely there are straight roads. 

Generally, the drivers in Australia are friendly. You won't ever hear anyone sounding the horn or tail-gate. You definitely can do a leisurely drive there.

For this trip, i have already planned it to be an easy trip usually starting the day slightly after 8 am. But going through it, this is most definitely a very packed itinerary. There are destinations that we skipped because of time constraints. Binalong - Bay of fires is one, another is the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park. Otherwise, we pretty much stick to our original planned itinerary. There are also days we hope we have more time to spend at place but do not have the luxury of doing so like Cradle Mountain and QVMAG museum.

Do note that alot of restaurants may close at 8 pm but the kitchen will close by 7.30 pm. This is particularly true for tasmania. So plan your meals well.  

At Tasmania, we have more opportunities to see wildlife. Like penguins, wallaby, echidna and wombat. Sometimes even up-close and personal.  

If you want me to sum up the trip: Outback and laidback Tassie!

Travel dates: 16 October 2014 to 25 October 2014. 
Weather: Very cold for someone used to warm weather. 3 degrees to 16 degrees at Tasmania. It definitely warmer in Melbourne.

My itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Melbourne at 7 am. Flight to Hobart at 10.45 am.

Day 2: 
Day 3: 
Day 4: 
Travel Tip
*Sorell Fruit Farm and Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park is along the way from Hobart to Port Arthur. If time permits, you may wish to add this to your itinerary.  
**Long drive between Port Arthur and Bicheno

Money saving tip: If you do not wish to join the ^Bicheno Penguin Tours, either stay at Diamond island resort or go to the beach in front of Sealife centre.

Day 5:
Day 6:
Travel tip:
*Join the night tour (wildlife encounters and included visit to Devil's cradle). Take the walk from ronny creek if you wish to see the wombats.

**Long drive point to point: from Bicheno to Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain to Strahan
Day 7: 
 Travel tip:
*If you make your way to Strahan, you may wish to consider West Coast wilderness railway during December to May.
**Long drive between Strahan and Launceston

Day 8: 
Money saving tip: Wine tasting is not chargeable with Tamar ridge.  You can also visit their other winery at Bicheno - Devil's corner
Day 9:
Day 10:
 Details of the travel will be shared subsequent posts.

A visual map to give you a round idea of the journey.