Friday, June 22, 2018

Road trip to Malaysia: Ipoh, Cameron highlands, Kuala Lumpur

It’s a long trip requiring 6 hours drive to Ipoh. For us we start our journey at 9 am and arrive just before 6 pm. In between we did stop for breaks and lunch. Traffic is considered smooth although we are expecting jam as its Hari Raya Puasa.

It was the drive to Cameron that is considered highly jammed. We expect to reach early as it’s a 2 hour drive up but with bad traffic we only manage to check in around 5 pm.

Its super crowded at Cameron everywhere is packed with people. All the food places is also very long queues particularly for the well known Chinese food places.

On return, the highway is not able to cope at all. At many sections of the road, the drive is almost to a standstill. We left Cameron at 3 pm and arrive to Kuala Lumpur past 9 pm with a quick rest stop in between.

Monday night was traffic to Singapore is slightly better but still speed on the highway is still below average.

Cameron highland is quite boring. The highlight of the trip is the bumpy ride up to mossy forest and aerial view at the top of the mountain. The lavender farm could be another highlight but I did not go due to time constraints. I did also enjoy the chill time at Cameron valley tea plantation. That was all.

With this jam-packed trip, not really keen to drive up to Malaysia anytime soon. For most part, I don’t get to chill but got my butt stuck to my ride which is a little depressing and tiring.

Travel tip:
Don't drive in Malaysia when its having a long holiday.

Travel period:15 June 2018 to 18 June 2018
15 June 2018 is Hari Raya Puasa.

Friday, May 4, 2018

What to do if you only have one day in Phuket?

Big Buddha

The big Buddha is a huge Buddha on a hill and can be seen from afar from many places and is the icon of Phuket.

The main statue was built in 2004 and is constructed with reinforced concrete and layered with white jade marble.

It is currently still being built and has been constructing for the past 10 years.

Next to the main Phuket Big Buddha is a smaller gold Buddha statue. 

The temple has lots of these monkeys and be careful if you're carrying food or drinks. They will snatch your food from you.

 As the big Buddha is located on the top of Nakkerd Hills. You can see panoramic view of the island.

Karon Viewpoint

The karon view point is called the three beaches hill. From this viewpoint you can see the Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches. On the drive there, i can tell this area is a tourist hotspot. Its bustling with activity. The roads is lined with hotels, cafe and shops.

I will definitely spend more time here if time is not an issue.

Laem Hin Seafood

 Deep fried seabass with traditional Meang salad. The leaves are to be used for wrapping the fish with salad. This way of eating is not my cup of tea. The leaves gives the impression of uncooked raw vegetable with every bit. Might be better if lettuce is used instead.

 Tiger prawns (tamarind) is yummy and highly recommended.
 Fried rice
 Stir fry morning glory thai style.
 Thai ice tea.
Having lunch with the sea beneath our feet.

Tunk Ka Cafe

This area also have panoramic views. But the Karon viewpoint has the best views. 
A good place for a romantic date. All the outdoor seats are taken when we arrive. Food here also have quite a variety. As we are still full from lunch we simply enjoy the sunset and desserts and each other company. 

My itinerary: 
Laem Hin Seafood -- Big Buddha -- Karon viewpoint -- Tung Ka Cafe

You can also go Promthep cape as its only a short distance from Karon viewpoint.

I chartered a car from Phuket shuttle to pick me up from airport to hotel to the various destinations.
The driver is prompt and the MPV makes a comfortable ride on this trip.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Hong by starlight -Recommended Eco Tour

Usually at Phuket, they will take tours like Phi Phi or James Bond island. Upon further research, these 2 places are actually a little further out and we wanted a really chill trip.

Hubby ideal case to start later in the day not ungodly hours like 5 or 6 am. Yup we are lazy night owls.

Anyway base on research Hong by starlight seems really legit and the best part is they start later in the day! yay! We can have our awesome breakfast!

Pick up time at 11.30 am and we are drop-off to a waiting location which is right just outside a shop selling swimming clothes dry bags etc. We waited for a bit which i was glad as it has been raining from the car ride to the gathering destination. But unfortunately the rain did not let up and we had to walk to the dock. At least its drizzling and not pouring.

Lunch was served on board. The meal though simple is delicious.
We are all seated on a banana boat to go into the Hongs (cave). Fortunately, you need not kayak your self the whole day. 

 The one that look like the bowling pin.

 Entering the cave. From dark to the light.
Some of the entrance are so low that all have to lie back to pass through. 

It was here that we found out that the caves are only accessible by boat and also tidal conditions. The waters are not clear due to the silt in the water and if you walk in it. You probably sink knee deep. 

We are given an hour to swim or kayak. Some one's pretty confident of  his skills after going at it at Como Beach Club. I also had my go at it as well. But its really tiring on the arms.
After we board the board we are given some fruits and hot tea to warm up. After we are rested enough we are tasked to make our very Loi Kratong

 Our love birds.
Everyone has their own unique creations too. 

Our lighted Loi Kratong. In this cave, the waters are really full of  bioluminescene plankton. They shine really brightly when the waters around are disturbed.

Dinner was seafood dinner and we head back to our hotel at 9 pm. It was a really enjoyable trip. Though there is no corals or beautiful marine life , this tour is still an eye opener to look at the towering structures and unique cave formations around Phang-Nga Bay.

Friday, April 13, 2018

What i love about Como Point Yamu - Phuket

The weather is hot! We are greeted and served a great welcome chilled drink upon arrival. Checking in is a breeze.

1. Great Food!

While the location of this hotel is away from all the action. You won't have to worry about getting food.

Breakfast was fabulous! We had an array of breakfast selections. Each meal i eat more than 1 breakfast set! On top of that we also have buffet selections.
Breakfast with buffet on the left!
And the surroundings for breakfast is super comfortable.

 Buckwheat pancakes (left), Cinnamon french toast (above), Coconut waffles (below) are some of the delicious ala carte selections.

My favourite dish for breakfast is this. Thai style bacon and eggs. Its really heavenly and yummy. I had this days in a row. 

 For dinner, there is a thai restaurant that serves fabulous thai food. And its has great ambience.

Kha Norn Buang Ped - spiced coconut wafers with braised duck, logan and sweet basil and peanuts.
Phad Thai

Kaw Neaw Ma Muang - sweet jasmine scented sticky rice with mango.

Other options is the western food which serves the usual pizza and spaghetti.
Near the hotel there is also a french restaurant called Breeze at Cape Yamu. We wanted to try it so much but unfortunately the days we are free the restaurant is either not open or had a private party.

2. Well designed spacious rooms

 One of the reasons why i decide to choose the hotel is the designer rooms. They look so clean cut and posh. Wind down service nightly is provided with accompanying desserts. The desserts change everyday and you don't know what to expect but be ready to be thrilled.

While the bed is big and comfortable, i am super clumsy, i will always hit the protuding edges of the bed frame. Might be just me!

Fruits and bottled water are provided free of charge everyday. 

The rooms itself is also huge. Huge baths is a great plus as well. 

First time ever we had a he and she basin :)

Great seaviews from the room. I love waking up to this every morning.

3. Plenty of activities to do

 The game room and a reading room and chess room.

 3 different pools to use.
 Exploring the grounds of the hotel
Great views everywhere from dining, to pool to lobby.
While the hotel premises is lacking in beach. Another option is to go to the Como beach club where you can just chill at the pool or do sea activities like kayaking. Or if you're just plain lazy just lounge at the deck chair to sun bath.

 Jacuzzi and sauna room to yourself. Nah...just kidding. Just happen no one's around on they day we use the jacuzzi and sauna.

Short walks around the premises. And we found a beach!

 Daily excercises e.g beach power walk, yoga and kick boxing to join

The stay here is so superb and service staff is so attentive to your needs. You indeed feel pampered.
I am most willing to go again for another stay.