Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pre-wedding photoshoot - Preparation

Here's a quick list for reference. This is by no means comprehensive.
Please do add on your comments for sharing with other brides.

Prepare your skin for the photoshoot.
- facial
- face mask
- eye mask

Hair Grooming
Do not curl or straighten the hair before photoshoot.
Maybe consider to do dye or hair cut prior to the photoshoot.

- shoes (for groom and bride)
- belt (for groom)
- Bow tie (groom)
- Cravat (groom)
- Cummerband (groom)
- Tuxedo shirt and coloured shirt (groom)
- Any preferred jacket (groom)
- Accessories - earrings and necklace (bride)
- Nubra (bride)
- New lingerie (bride)

- soft toys
- solitaire diamond ring
- wedding bands
- any items that are of significance to you
- Prepare list of photos for photographer reference.
This is so that they can determine and take the photos you like. It is important to discuss with your photographer the places that you propose to go for outdoor shots and also the photos you like.
- Prepare list of photos for make up artist reference.

Photoshoot locations

- Nature and the flowers
- Sea and the beach
- Gardens
- Indoors (museum, horse riding clubs, churches, parliment house etc)

If you are taking photoshoot on weekends, do consider the crowds. Its difficult to take pictures with too many people around.

Other expenses to consider are entrance fees or charges required to take shoots at certain places like the museum. Of course if you are driving, make sure you at least know the roads well to reduce ERP.

Solitairebride's preparation:

Before actual day

1) Pair of diamante 3.5" bling heels (Anna Nucci)
2) Pair of fuschia 3.5" heels (Caparros from Tang + co)
3) Hair cut and dye hair for the bride at Hair Mechanics by Libby
Love the colour of the hair absolutely. It extremely pricey and blew a hole in my pocket.
4) Sport shoes for casual shots
5) Pearl Necklace
6) Bling necklace and earrings
7) List of hair style and makeup pictures for MUA reference

1) Pair of cream casual loafers (Pedro)
2) Pair of black leather shoes (Pedro)
3) Hair cut
4) Tuxedo shirt and black shirt (Raoul-50% discount due to GSS)
5) Cuff links (Raoul-50% discount due to GSS)
6) Sport shoes for casual shots

For both of us
1) Facial by La Mer (His and Her)
2) Manicure and Pedicure (Her)

Actual day - items brought
1) Make up kit (facial blotter Foundation, blusher, mirror,lip gloss and lip stick)
2) Medicated oil
3) Tissue (wet and dry)
4) Straw for drinking
5) MTM crocheted dolls
6) Wedding bands
7) Solitaire diamond ring
8) Cosplay Umbrella
9) Clapboard
10) Film reel and cansister
11) Antique glasses
12) Wrist watch
13) List of hair style and and make up pictures
14) List of photographs for photographer
15) Backup contact lenses and eye drops
16) Helpers (Ask friends and relatives for help during the photo shoot)
17) Shoes (groom and bride)
18) Shirts (groom)
19) Belt (groom)
20) Cuff links for shirt (groom)
21) Accessories - pearl and diamante(bride)
22) Nu-bra (bride)
23) Cash to pay the MUA and miscellaneous items

Do note that unless you have a helper, there won't be anything taking care of things for you.

Solitaire's Actual Day Pre-wedding Photoshoot

According to my sister, i seem to be overdoing it for the photoshoot. bleah.
This is the whole truck i brought to the studio.
The list of things i jotted down so that i won't miss out anything.

On the actual day, my sister is the driver and makeup artist for outdoor shots and my SO's friend , tavy, helped to sneak photos.

The whole photoshoot process is both tiring and enjoyable. Smiling can be so tired. Worse if you are the kind who smile and the eyes will disappear. I hope i don't look startled when i try to pry open my eyes and smile at the same time.

I also did alot of yoga poses in my 3.5" heels. My SO has to make a lot of funny poses so i can smile more naturally. We both have a good laugh at how we fake we all look during photoshoot.

I haven't seen the photos yet. Cross fingers and hope that the photos taken by Di gio will be good.

Oh yes, i probably only use like less than 50% of the props. All the make up kit items i brought are not used at all. They still can be used for the actual day though. :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guo Da Li items

This is my Guo Da Li stash from Penang.

This is mainly the bride's dowry portion.

Some red packets to use for actual day.

The red enamel tray. Can be used for setting the bed, guo da li etc

Hubby and wife bedroom slippers

Stickers for wedding

Red cloth for door

All of these for a very reasonable price. I'm so happy. Woo hoo.

This is for decoration only.

The grand stash.

I purchase all these at:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Bedsheets

It pays to do your homework beforehand. By that i mean, checking out the prices in chinatown and using some online websites for information.

Somehow, certain local speciality shops with websites seem to charge items more than the normal shops in chinatown.

I can't remember the exact quote for a wedding bedsheet nor the exact details but a King size one is approximately S$85 (1 bolster, 2 pillows, 1 bedsheet and quilt cover)

The deal i got is probably slightly better (maybe i'm just trying to delude myself that i got a better deal).

Actually, i got 2 separate sets. In a way, they complement each other. The traditional cartoon is the same. And the colour is gold and red.

I got this from Akemi at Queensbay Shopping Mall (Penang). Its such a deal at 70% off. Its like MYR 59 (SGD 25.50).

Its 250 thread count for cotton. (King size comes with a bedsheet, 1 bolster case and 2 pillows)

This set is from Aussino at Gurney Plaza(Penang). Its also at 50% off at MYR 144 (SGD 63). This set is selling in Singapore for S$89.90 now. The set comprises a quilt cover and 2 pillow cases.

I got extra 2 pillow cases for my wedding set trousseau now.

Total paid for the bedsheets: SGD 88
Quality at a superb price.

By the way, i have not gotten my bed. So now i just have to go for a King size bed. Even if its not a king size one. I can just alter the King to a Queen. Shows that I did put my thought on every decision made. *Praise to myself* Giggles.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bride's Dowry

The bride's parents may send the bride's dowry with return gifts on the day of bethrothal or delivery the dowry a few days before the wedding.

This is to bless the newly weds and to symbolize that the bride is ready to take on the role of wife and mum.

This is done ususally before the wedding and usually on the same day as the Guo Da Li or after.

The chinese downry typically includes:

(1) Beddings: pillows, bolstrs, comforter set, blankets, bed sheets etc. all tied with red ribbons
(2) new clothes in suitcase for the bride
(3) Tea set for the wedding tea ceremony
(4) Baby bathtub, potty, face wash basin, tumblers, toothpaste and toothbrushes, mirror, comb
(5) 2 pairs of wedding slippers or red wooden clogs
(6) Sewing basket with even numbered rolls of colourful thread, needles, pin cushion with many boys, scissors and sewing wax with auspicious words written on it
(7) 1 rulers
(8) Pair each of bowl,with chopsticks and spoons

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guo Da Li

Before the wedding, the chinese tradition of Guo Da Li (GDL) or formal betrothal takes place.

Traditionally a lady of good fortune (someone who is married and has children) will come to the bride's home with the bridegroom and present the gifts from his family. This is his assurance that he will abide by and honour his promise. The bride's family will receive the gifts as a sign of acceptance of the marraige and will in return present the dowry to the groom's family.

When to do it: Usually 2 weeks before the customary wedding, sometimes up to 1 month before actual day.

What to prepare:
(1) Wedding cakes
This is to give relative's and parent's friends

(2) 2 bottles of brandy

(3) 2 pairs of Dragon & Phoenix Candles

(4) Even number of oranges

(5) At least 6 cans of pork trotters

(6) Red packet with bride downry ("Pin Jin" 聘金)
This is either pre-agreed during the wedding negotiation or the bride's parents may leave it to the grooms side to decide and usually presented in even amounts in a red packet.

The groom side will usually prepare more than the pre-agreed amount.

(7) 2 packets of peanut candies (Teochew bride) and rice candies (Hokkien bride)

(8) Jewellery (四点金)
This is the four piece jewellery. This is considered the mother-in-law's welcome gift to the bride.

The bride is expected to wear the betrothal jewellery during the wedding day or at wedding banquet so that all the relatives have opportunities to appreciate the gifts.

The bride family will return the following to the groom:
(1) 2 bottles of orange syrup in exchange for the 2 bottles of brandy

(2) 2 phoenix candles ( the bride's family will keep the dragon candles)

(3) Even number portion of gifts

(4) Red packet for groom's parents to buy shoes, towels etc

(5) Even number portion of the bride price to be returned in red packet.
Usually part of the bride price will be returned to indicated that:
- the groom's family is overly generous
- the bride's family is not greedy
- the two families will share good fortune

Other matters:

If the couple has to exchange wedding gifts on the auspicious date and the bridegroom has to arrive at the bride's house before the selected auspicious time.

Those with altars at home: At the auspicious time, the couple has to pray to the gods and exchange gifts at the bride' house.

Those without altars at home: At the auspicious time, the couple has to exchange gifts at the bride's house.

Invitation cards:

They can then proceed to send invitation cards and gifts to friends and relatives.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To buy or not to buy the Nu-bra

There are alot of nu-bra in the market. I tried and purchase one some years ago from Metro. It was so long ago and rarely used that i nearly forgotten its existence till i was doing a checklist of things to bring for my photoshoot.

Somehow or rather this is one of the must bring items on a taiwan photoshoot. (according to their websites.) Local bridal shops make no mention of it. I wonder why?

And so i tried on my old nu-bra (and apparently the front clasp fell apart! Gasped!). So i have no choice but to seek a new one.

Next question is where to get one? The one that i purchase actually doesn't work very well. Somehow the bra keep peeling off when the weather is damn hot and of course i sweat. As a girl its feels pretty insecure if your bra keep slipping off right?

To play it safe i finally decide to get the authentic one. At least currently they have a 10% discount.

Located at Bencoolen street, Sunshine plaza #01-38 its quite out of the way.

The red curtain behind is the fitting room. While i was there, there is only one lady tending the shop and she's assisting a young girl with her fitting. This suits me as i can find the time to actually browse and take some pics for my blog.

See the dizzy array of nu-bra. Feather lite and some even for beach wear.

Here's what i came all the way for.

The original nu-bra

And the revamped push up bra.

It costs $40 more too.

So the same lady who was assisting the earlier girl helped me with the selection. First she asked the cup size and then showed me the 2 bras.

Now is the X-rated part. I guess you have to be ready to put aside your inhibitions for this. If you're not ready please don't read further.

Okies here goes:

She asked to me to show her my breasts (shall code name it Mimi for ease of reference). And asked me to wipe them with wet tissues followed by dry ones. She examine mimi critically and promptly tell me i may have gotten my cup size wrong! So she try to place the original size on me and then say she will let me try the bigger cup size one. If i can fit, its going to look better on me.

Thereafter, she kneaded and cupped mimi so that i can look better with the bra. And asked me to compare between the 2 bras. Oh man! i'm one who like to observe and slowly reach a decision.

How to do it when there is one other woman in front of me? Waiting for me to make my decision.

At this point in time, i either tell her calmly i'm not buying the nu-bra or buy it under pressure. This is the hard part for some as you probably feel obligated already. But since i need it and don't have time to source for alternative already. I bought it on the original one on-spot.

I was offered to buy featherlite at a cheaper price of S$28 since i bought the nu-bra. I was asked to buy the nu-bra cleanser as well which i politely declined and asked for a freebie cleaner instead. I was giving a mini mini 3 ml bottle.

So remember to just ask! Who knows you may just be given something.

I tried the nu-bra with my gowns during the final match and fitting. I seem to encounter the same problem with the earlier nu-bra. Drats! Shall share more after my photoshoot.

Edited with solitairebride's comments:
The original nu-bra that i purchase does not give me the cleavage i wanted but it does enhance the body shape and as a result i look more well-endowned.

During the photoshoot, i encounter the similar problem slipping nu-bra problem. The nu-bra does not seem to stick very well at all. It was worse when i went outdoor. But as my gowns are all very fitting, there isn't any risk of the nu-bra falling out.

All in all, i'm still glad i purchased the nu-bra for the extra ommph but it would be better if it can be sticker.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Solemisation Nightmare

I wonder if i've taken for granted that i can easily get a good solemniser. My definition of a good solemniser:
- needs to be on time
- friendly and easy going
- flexibility in handling tricky situations
- Good command of English and/or chinese speaking

He/She does not need to be very funny or entertaining. He just need to solemnise my wedding. But of course, i will only take recommendations from friends.

Sounds very easy? NO!
I figured that it soon to be turning out to be a nightmare. I can't get a solemniser for my exact timing. It must be between 6 - 630 pm on 10 Oct 2010.

For the fact that its a super hot date. I should have try to source for one earlier.

I've approached 3 solemnisers - 2 are not "hot seat" solemnisers.

One is currently booked for my required timing but offer us another time slots.
Another wants to evaluate us before accepting us.
The third is already fully booked

This is much more difficult than i thought.

Friday, June 11, 2010

G Hotel - (Penang)

168A Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang Malaysia

Table requirements:
Min 25 tables for all wedding packages.

Ballrooms decoration:
The outdoor wedding. Pray that it doesn't rain, as there is no tent overhead. But if the weather is good and fair, i think that this makes a very good and romantic outdoor wedding. (note to check if the hotel close the pool for hotel guests)

The huge reception area for the grand ballroom. Amazing!

The very different table arrangement notice board. This makes me wonder if there is a wedding planner involved. But it doesn't feel like the case. Everything seems very exquisite.

The grand ballroom with set up. The setup for the VIP table is almost similar to the one done at st regis. I can't go any nearer as i fear being chided by the workers. The ambience and decoration is really good.

The smaller ballroom, though, very unfortunately its decoration in process.

The front of the ballroom.

The reception for the smaller ballroom.

The wedding showcase displayed for potential couples:

The very nice and elegant wedding invitation.

The tassels wrapped napkins. Chio!

The usual applies like free flow of tea/soft drinks and pre-dinner cocktail tibits

The 5 tier wedding cake and champagne fountain (sparkling wine provided only).

Multimedia aspect is also taken care of with LCD display.

Food tasting for 10 come with 50% discount. Traditional tea ceremony is conducted at the hotel.

tea ceramony at one of the smaller function rooms
All this come with a very attractive price of RM688++ or RM 888 ++ per table.
(S$344 or S$444 inclusive of tax and service charge current exchange rate of 2.3)

The list of perks. This is for the more expensive RM 888++ banquet.
Note: Prices are subject to the prevailing 10% service charge and 5% Government tax

Solitairebride's review:

Solitairebride has gone overseas (for this one and only time) to bring you the best on hotel banquet information.

The decoration is actually very good and surpass 4 star hotels in Singapore. I think the hotels locally should really buck up and live up to their 4 star status.

The ambience and the seaview (not sure if you can view anything during the night) at the reception for the grand ballroom is superb.

Its a definite good deal (for us mainly because of the exchange rates) and you can get a cheap budget air tickets for your guests. You will be ready to fly and still retain the perfect budget.

More work and coordination required though. Still, its fun to try!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have a dream
My dream is you"

This is so old school. I went to this shop called "the little drom store". They sell very old school nit nats. Like the erasures in different flags, mininature army plastic soldiers, styrofoam birds/planes, sticky bewelled earrings. Bring back the days in school.

They also sell cards. And among this is one of the favourite autograph phrases then.

"Roses are red
violets are blue
I have a friend
My friend is you"

Inspired by it and also its so applicable to my wedding colour. Red and blue.

Okies. This is totally random and partially related to wedding. :D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Intellectual Property - Copyrights (Part II)

Hilton's reply on songs embedded with the video:

"Please be advised that current legislation in Singapore requires the wedding client or their videographer/AV supplier to obtain all necessary music copyright permits/licenses in order to play their selected music/songs at the wedding ceremony.

This requirement is imposed by the authorities and hence the hotel is required to abide by this legislation.

Accordingly, the hotel will require the client or their videographer/AV supplier to provide and furnish the necessary permits/licenses before any of the client's or their videographer/AV supplier's music/songs are broadcasted at the hotel.

Failure to provide the necessary permits/licenses will result in the hotel refusing to broadcast the client's or their videographer/AV supplier's prepared music/songs."


Friday, June 4, 2010

Bontanical Gardens

There are really alot of locations to choose for photoshoot. Unfortunately, we can't go to everyone of them.

I hope to have at the very least, flowers, greenery, the sea and buildings in my photoshoot. Sounds like a good bit to cover.

I try to avoid paid locations where possible. Why give people the opportunity to charge in public areas where it should be free anyway. Its simply an excuse for them to rip the newlyweds again.

There are alot of barricades around the time when we took these photos as there is a concert going on the next day. Anyway, this is the tree where alot of couples take photos. I wonder if we can still sit on it since the branch looks like it needed support.

The typical canopy tent. Suddenly this remind me of the canopy where the guy propose to alice in Alice in the wonderland. Maybe i should do a similar pose? Force my beau to go on his knees and propose. And have it captured in the moment forever.

And this is great for creating mystical or dreamy pose. Looks like we are in the woods when taken at this angle.

There ain't any orchids here. Such a shame. I hope there is some blooming on 14 June( Yeah! its my photoshoot day). Alternatively, i shall pay an entrance fee of S$5 each. This sounds like i'm contradicting myself earlier but in actual fact no. This is the normal entrance fee and i don't need to pay additional simply to take wedding photos.

The waterfall....from the outside.

There is always 2 perspectives or 2 sides of a coin. But if photos are taken from inside. Its going to be pretty challenging.

Pretty veins hanging from a tree.

Another pretty tent.

My unsuspecting 'models'.

A unique angle for composition.

Botanical gardens fulfils the greenery and maybe the flowers. Most important its near dempsey. Another potential photoshoot location.