Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Beach Wedding in Bohol Perhaps?

I chanced upon another wedding while vacationing at Bohol Beach Club. The ambiance as well as the sweet decorations reminds me of the beach wedding i had wished i had.

The splendid sea views makes this place a perfection location for saying your vows by the sea, stars and moon.
Bohol Beach Club

A spacious reception area for guests to mingle before the wedding.

Stage to say your vows
The red carpet and guest sitting
The wedding in process
As this is just a private wedding affair, this is as much pictures i could take without intruding. The hut that you can see in the last picture "the wedding in process" is an indoor area with seatings for the guests and where dinner is served. There's plenty of room for dancing after the dinner. From what i can judge, everyone clearly enjoyed the wedding.

What's more at the end of the party, the guests are also treated with a grand fireworks display. So much for ending the night with a BANG!