Sunday, March 3, 2013

The ultimate spa review

So far this is one of the better spas in terms of skill. I went on a weekday so the place is pretty quiet and i had their full attention.

The spa place was huge! I walked past the long hallways, there is so many rooms that i lost count. I could just imagine it being packed on a weekend. 

The room that i was ushered to had a window and it was pretty warm and the light is pretty glaring on the eyes. After it was drawn, it also did not manage to stay in place. The place was decent though it differs from what i was expect from the pictures. The decor of the place is basic and furnished with the basic essentials for a facial and nothing luxurious. 

There are 3 types of facial and i decided to try the hydrating facial to brighten up  my face. 
The lady who attended to me is skilful. All the steps require for a facial was well done. Cleansing, extraction and also the a 2 layered mask. The facial extraction was painful but was much better in skill than the horrible Fancl facial i went to. She did my brows neatly and well. That is already a star point. She also included a shoulder massage. Yay! 

One minus overlook is my legs not being elevated resulting in leg cramps half way through. I felt rejuvenated after the spa too!

This is the only spa that impressed me enough for me to enquire about the package pricing. The negotiation fell through as they refuse to allow me to bring down the price and so i still do not have a spa package to utilise. :(