Friday, October 7, 2011

Cool wedding date

How cute is date. Brings back memories on how i choose my date.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All about Buffet

List of caterers for actual day buffet.

Lavish Dine
Neo Garden
Pin Si
Purple Sage
Rasel Catering
Smiling Orchid

My choice: Rasel Catering
I choose Rasel Catering because its Halal and pricing is something i find reasonable. No deposit was required for this and payment upon delivery.

Response from the sales coordinator is fast and prompt. Everything was clarified and on actual day everything is smooth. Food is quite nice too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding bands and diamond rings can be scratched!

Some things are learnt the hard way. Through experience.

Things that jewellers don't tell you is that rings particularly gold (be it rose gold or yellow gold) and silver, they are can be scratched and this becomes evident and visible to the eye in one year after constant wear and tear. So i did a little research. Here's what i found:

Best Bets for Scratch-Resistance

For sheer durability and scratch resistance, there is no better metal available on the commercial ring market than tungsten. Generally only slightly to moderately more expensive than titanium, tungsten rings maintain their shine and polish for far longer than gold, silver, or even titanium rings. There is very little damage that will be incurred by tungsten rings in daily use; if you don't like taking your ring off when you're working, that's ok-you probably don't have to. However, tungsten is also very unlikely to bend from impact-related damages, and instead can shatter or break. So while most normal activities pose no threat to leaving scratches on your tungsten wedding ring, be careful not to drop it or close it in the car door. When shopping for tungsten, make sure you're getting nickel-alloyed tungsten carbide-not an alloy of cobalt, which weakens the ring.

Super-tough titanium came onto the jewelry market as "a man's ring"; durable, scratch-resistant rings that could be worn by "working guys." Since then, titanium wedding bands have only gained popularity, and more jewelers have refined their practices to create some truly beautiful-but still tough-designs. Titanium is much more resistant to scratches and denting than silver, gold, or platinum, but weighs less than tungsten. If full-fledged durability is a more important consideration than appearance, stay with standard light gray titanium or black titanium rather than some of the oxide-layer, colored options on the market-which can scratch off over time.

Other Options
Platinum is a considerably more durable (but also considerably more expensive) than classic gold or silver rings. Unlike silver and gold, platinum is very resistant to warping with time. Platinum can still be scratched through daily use, but it will hold up much longer than silver or gold, and can be significantly harder depending on the alloy used. Look for platinum that is 90% pure or higher, and alloys that include Cobalt or Ruthenium, not the much softer Iridium.

Lower in cost than platinum and with a significantly higher durability than gold, palladium is becoming a more popular choice on the jewelry market. Part of the platinum family of metals (but distinct from platinum itself), palladium shares platinum's ability to displace metal with damage, rather than wear away. For instance, your palladium ring may become scratched or bent with time, but unlike gold, there is minimal loss of metal, making these rings easier to repair. For platinum-like scratch resistance on a budget, palladium is your choice.

Silver and Gold:
Sterling silver and gold rings have retained popularity for their timeless beauty and classic nature, but they are by no means the only options on the jewelry market. When looking for scratch resistant rings, gold and silver may actually be poor choices compared to some of the alternatives available. Both are relatively soft metals that can be easily scratched, scuffed, or even bent. If you know someone who has been married for a while, you need only to ask to see their gold or silver ring to see the results of daily wear and tear over time. Most jewelers today offer lifetime care warranties on their rings-which can include re-polishing and resizing as the metal becomes stretched and warped-but you generally have to send the ring in every six months to a year to maintain these warranties, so be sure to inquire carefully about the details.

Another important factor to consider about silver and gold jewelry is that the color and properties of yellow gold mean that marks and scuffs will be much more visible than on sterling or white gold rings. Additionally, white gold is often rhodium-plated-coated with a thin layer of metal to add luster and brighten the color. This coating can generally be re-applied for a nominal fee, returning white gold to almost-new appearance.

There can be many other factors to consider when looking for scratch-resistant rings, and it is important to know that no ring is 100% scratch-proof. It all comes down to your decisions as a buyer to find the balance between durability and style, and the best way to do such is simply to look around.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Art of Marriage

I came across this writing that nicely sums up what marriage should be:

by Wilferd Arlan Peterson

"A good marriage must be created.

In marriage the "little" things are the big things.

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say, ”I love you" at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It is having a mutual sense of values, and common objectives.

It is standing together and facing the world.

It is forming a circle that gathers in the whole family.

It is speaking words of appreciation, and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.

It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.

It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.

It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.

It is not only marrying the right person -- it is being the right partner."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Itinerary - Switzerland and France

Day 1: Singapore - Geneva
Day 2: Geneva
Day 3: Geneva-Interlaken
Day 4: Interlaken ~ Jungfraujoch/ Lauterbrunnen
Day 5: Interlake ~ Lauterbrunnen/Murren
Day 6:  Lucerne ~ Alpnachstad/Pilatus Kulm
Day 7: Lucerne ~ Lowendenkmal
Day 8: Lucerne-Geneva - France

Day 9: Paris ~ Musee d Orsay/ Notre Dame Cathedral/River Seine Cruise
Day 10: Paris ~  Notre Dame Cathedral/Musee du Lourve
Day 11: Paris ~ Galeries Lafayette/La Vallee Village
Day 12:Chateau de Versailles/Effiel Tower/Arc de Triomphe
Day 13: Paris ~ Musee Rodin/Les Invalides
Day 14: Paris ~ Sacré Cœur/Moulin Rouge
Day 15: Paris ~ La Sainte Chapelle- Singapore
A quick summary of Europe free and easy itinerary to Switzerland and France. If there are specific places/ experiences that you like to share , please feel free.   Its good to know some other places that i can visit if i do go these countries again. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dream Honeymoon ~ Europe

Europe has always been my dream honeymoon venue. So when it comes to my honeymoon the destination is obvious but deciding on which part of Europe becomes the question. Eventually, our country of choice is Switzerland and France (specifically Paris).

My hubby is kind of a vegabond - he loves to travel at his own pace and so our trip is no doubt a Free and Easy one. If you think that its a pretty gutsy choice, then you are wrong. He has been to Paris while i've travelled Switzerland so we kinda know that we can travel quite well on our own. Switzerland particularly is very safe. Paris is not too bad, just keep a look out for pickpockets and watch the news daily (France was having strikes very frequently that time). Things have quieten down much since.

It was a long and nice break from work and i look forward to a next long trip.

From Travel - Romantic Paris

From Travel - Picturesque Switzerland

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Presents (I heart it!)

Recently, a fellow colleague was asking if i can provide some ideas for a friend's wedding. And they preferred something handmade and personalised. I thought for a while and here's the list i came up. All of the below provided an opportunity for hands on experience.

A unique and personalized gift idea. Just provide a photo and describe any scene and your ideas can be brought to life. Imagination is the only limit.

Where to get it:
fotohub or online.

Cross stitch

Every girl would have done it at least once. This pretty thing needs plenty of patience, good eyesight for threading and sewing the stitches. But the effect and effort is great! Look at these pretty thing from my sis to me. :)

where to get it:
any craft shop for materials. There is one shop at Ang Mo Kio called Elsie shop

Crotched dolls:

Created to look like a mininature version of you on your wedding day and it has plenty of function. In front of the car, reception table and of course phototaking!

where to get it:
craft shop or online.


This is something your friend will love to hang it in their room. There is a wide array of materials to choose and totally personalised with any theme. The problem as i've personally encountered is to obtain the wedding photos especially when the gift is meant to be a surprise.

where to get it:
Papermarket or Made with Love or Scraplicious for classes and materials.
Online: many shops on etsy selling personalised items.

The gifts from the heart is the most appreciated and a keepsake to the wedding couple for your blessings.
Point to note: do it in advance so you will have ample time to do it at a relaxing pace. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The joy of blogging

Blogging is about sharing your ideals and experience. And of course, while i may have encounter many detours along the way, i hope others will learn from my lessons and mishaps along the way.

Well, to share with you something exciting that happen. We got the letter from HDB informing us that our house will soon be READY! Yippee! and i've been busy researching on home decor and bloggers who share their journey of creating a place call "HOME". The information that the bloggers shared has helped me alot! Really. So i was glad that i did my little journey of blogging and the great satisfaction i got from the process.

Though currently, i may have lesser to share on weddings. My other experience like my home decor which some will consider part and parcel of weddings will hopefully be helpful in your preparation.

I will also share on my F&E Switzerland and Paris honeymoon for people who are interested in doing it. It wasn't too bad and i like having the leisure of doing things on my own time. Beams.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

HPB Diet Tracker

Ever wonder why you have been gaining kilos? The HPB diet tracker will tell you.

If your diet is 100% based on your activity level, its only maintenance. Beyond that, its why you're gaining kilos.

The diet tracker app is what i'm using now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Look

Yups! Solitaire Wedding has undergone a new look. Post wedding.
The transition from singlehood to marriage isn't that bad.

Not that my other partner is easy to live with. I'm attempting to change some of his habits. Fortunately he didn't try to change mine. :)

I'm not having it easy either. I missed home cooked food the most. The outside food is giving me weight gain. I've accumulated kilos since the wedding. Something i'm attempting to shed. One new colleague thought that i haven go through my customary. Ok i'm a vainpot. I like to be slim and slender. Which girl doesn't by the way?

Housework is always hounding me nowadays. I try to make him do it as much as i can. Its a fair world. Guys you shouldn't make the girls do all the work and shake leg. We are both working and we need to put our feet up sometimes and indulge in ourselves sometimes. So help out! That said let me go pester my other half to do his bit now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hwee Studios make me so PRETTY

Its been months after the wedding and i've completed most of what i wanted to write and share. One of the last few things i love to share is my wedding photographer and also special highlights on the various things prepared for the wedding.

The special highlights are important so that every little effort was remembered. Its a must because i've put my heart and soul to it.

The photos from Hwee Studios are so pretty that i printed a mind boggling number of 500 pictures. Anyway i've already excercised restraint during my selection. I think i've never looked so pretty in my life. Makes me want to take MORE pictures. Ewwwww.... a wedding photographer is a definite must for a wedding and make sure he/she is GOOD. The pictures are going to last forever. I'm very pleased with my photos. Mucks to apple for making me so beautiful. Super Thumbs Up!

I'll let the photos do the talking

Hwee Studios
Photographer: Apple

Friday, March 11, 2011

Peony Jade Wedding Review- Clarke Quay

Peony Jade is one of the popular restaurants that couples usually choose for wedding dinner. Hence, a review on the venue. There are two Peony Jade restaurants, Clarke Quay and Keppel Club.
With the Clarke Quay location being a more accessible location.

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and there is a lift leading up to the restaurant but during weddings taking the stairs is usually the better option.


The theme of the ballroom has already been pre-determined. Though couples have a choice of chair sash colour.
The wedding cake

The glass tower

Peony flowers attached to the VIP chairs

the menu on the table

the pepper container - a nice touch with the wedding couple
the VIP table

the guest table

the red carpet

Dinner Menu
Or part thereof.

the Cold dish

sharks' fin

the fish

I love this dish as i've no seen it for weddings for a while. Nowadays only fillets are served in Hotels now.

broccoli and abalone

Solitairebride review:
Foodwise i think it will surpass most hotel's foodfare in terms of taste. Food is normal cantonese food which doesn't delight.

Decoration is reasonable for its price. But the shape of the ballroom as well as the space constraints (narrow walkway) during march in is something wedding couples should be aware of.

For make up and dressing, there is a separate room where the bride can rest while waiting.

Most couples will usually be pleasantly surprised but at Peony Jade there is usually a confetti canon released during the couple's champagne toasting on stage. Please note to inform your photographer if you made any changes to this arrangement.

The ballroom is L shape. The view towards the end is usually the poorest. And expect one table's view to be fully blocked.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Song List

These are just some ideas and definitely songs i like. Too bad i have to only choose 2 for my wedding. To get a feel, you can try listening to them on you tube.

Aslyn - That's when i love you
Bruno Mars - Just the way you are
Bruno Mars - Marry you
Colbie Caillat - I do
Celine Dion - Because you loved me
Christina Perri - A thousand years
Glee - Endless love
Glee - Need you now
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole - Somewhere over the rainbow (pssst though not the original singer but i love his version alot)
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat - Lucky
Jim Brickman - Destiny
Jim Brickman - Valentine
Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes - Up where we belong
Matt White - Best days
Matt White - Love
Shania Twain - From this moment
Taylor Swift - Love story

edited 8 dec 2012

Friday, February 18, 2011

Digio in Summary

Overall, the Di gio experience has been satisfactory. There are definitely some hiccups here and there and some promises left unfulfilled. At the end of the day, i'm overall pleased with my over the rack wedding gown. I got compliments for my fuschia pink evening gown.

Both of my make up artist are great. But after trying both i personally prefer keith who easily create the perfect colours for my skin. While Milly is very gentle and detailed.

I absolutely love the photographs taken by Big Ben. The photographic skills is definitely there and we thoroughly enjoyed session with him. He did try to crack jokes to make me fill more at ease. But i still got worried. Lucky the photos turn out really fine. Kudos to him!

My coordinatore Casey is ok but i personally feel that he is not attentive enough to my needs but he's one in Digio who can make the decisions.

Follow up service is definitely lacking and at the end of the day i feel just like an ordinary customer with is not pampered enough. But at the very least, i don't encounter the horror stories that some brides shared on Singaporebrides forum. So i'm just happy that everything turn out well.

As expected, the wedding album is now residing under the bed permanently. Perhaps i will put it out once again during housewarming so that everyone can get to see it again.

Make up artist: Keith (Photoshoot)
Make up artist: Milly(Actual day)
Photographer: Big Ben (Photoshoot)
Coordinator / Designer: Casey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marry you

Have you heard the song? Its a highly addictive song.
Joyful and carefree. Makes me wanna feel irrational and madly in love all over again.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shoes to kill for

I came across this pair of shoes and find it highly suitable for weddings. The design is classic and vintage. And its in lace. Simple, elegant and nice. I love to get a pair of these.

shoes from badgley mischka

Friday, January 21, 2011

The wedding shoot with a china made custom wedding gown

There are many rave reviews online on china made gowns. I finally took the plunge in early April and got the gown in 3 weeks. Amazing! You got the thumbs up for speed so what about the quality.

Well, i dare say there are local bridal shops that uses china made gowns. And the one i got from is a pretty good quality and it sparkles and blings. The fit is all right and where it doesn't give the omph. I can always use my own perfect solution. The gown has a 80 cm train and it came with a pretty decent price in spite of all the embroidery and lace.

I did a little photo shoot with my pretty wedding gown and i'm really glad i did it.

Credits to the steven from memories photography for taking the photos.
Location: Labrador Park

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Digio review - Day to day


This is actually a documentary of how i felt during the MTM session.

As this reflects the chronology of the bridal process from the very beginning of trying on the perfect gown to the actual. Thus, this is an extremely long post. Everything documented here is what truly transpired between me and the bridal shop.

25th January 2010 - Design wedding gown

Wedding Gown making and measurement:

Tried on a couple of gowns. Selected the one that suits me most. The designer casey say he will design something along that line and embroidered.

But i'm pretty unhappy as he told me he require me to top up if its an embroidered gown ~ price range he quoted was S$1,800 - S$ 2,000. Obviously, i'm not going to top up especially when i specifically pointed out an dress before i sign up and say i wanted something similar and was told "No problem". So eventually, he relented and say he will design one "especially for me"

So walk off happy and dreamy about my gown. I think its going to be a fantastic one given the quality of gowns from Digio.

29 March 2010 - First fitting of wedding gown

First gown fitting - The ENTIRE gown is completed to my very surprise. I'm seriously not expecting this. Thought that this is just a fitting? So this should be just the inner lining.

This was what i read in the previous forum discussions as well.

First impression:

Gown is classic, elegant and embroidered. Just what i wanted. But its "A" line cut, and it shows off one of my worst flaws. My bulging tummy (its still a tummy though i've already started working out).  OMG.

The neckline and bodice. One of the cuttings i dislike most. Straight cut neckline. I haven't voice out anything yet. As i feel the gown is ok, but not me and doesn't accentuates my hourglass curves (note i never mention figure)

Though it is a fully embroidered gown, the quality of embroidery is dissappointing and a far cry from the usual gowns i see on the rack. It looks like those cheap china beads and its not shiny at all. Here's the gown

However, the cut is seriously not what i envisioned nor the gown i tried on which is something similar to this.

I'm quite unhappy with the fact that the gown that i tried is so different from the one that was made.

It was on the way home when my sis told me that the dress looks unsuitable for me and its totally not me as i always say i wanted a princessy gown. That make me think harder if i really wanted the gown. My sis also informed me that the gown looked like a tablecoth and the gown is plain! Gosh. And she kept quiet when i tried on the gown. Double whammy when i feel so uncertain.

And so i have to fret over how to bring it up, as i should have highlighted it earlier and now i wonder if i should hold my peace forever. Finally, i decided to call Casey and it was arranged to review it on my next appointment on Apr 25.

2nd April 2010 - Trying evenings gowns

We are suppose to design the gown today. The official excuse he give us is that he's waiting for new materials to come in April. He tried to make it up by letting me go to the third floor to try some gowns to give me an idea of the colour i wish to choose. I had fun trying on all types of gowns. Offshoulder and halter and strapless. Finally, the next appointment we make is on a weekend.

24th April 2010 - Design evening gown

During the appointment, he asked why i don't like the gown. And i told him about the cut and reason behind why i'm so particular. So he proposed that i take an over the rack gown which i accepted in the end. I'm quite tired of trying to make a gown anyway. What if it didn't turn out well again. I don't wish to suffer another disappointment. So i decided go along with the proposal.

There goes my package that i bargained so hard for. I didn't insist that he make something up for me. Stupid me! But i'm passed that point. I just want a pretty gown for my once in a lifetime event.

So we went on to make the evening gown. All the gowns that was taken down ain't exactly to my liking. I requested to try the tulle gown that i saw in the magazine and compare against the first gown i tried on when i first visited the shop. On hindsight, i think the gown taken down is not the gown i first tried though similar.

Finally, after some hard thinking. I asked my gown to be made exactly the same in my desired colour.

Gripe: He wanted me to select my photoshoot gowns only on 5th June (weekday again). It was when i highlight that i'm worried that i can't find the right gowns, he accomodated to make an appointment in May 16.

16th May 2010 - Evening gowns
Casey apparently knew about my comment on my MTM gown on the forum. He asked why i tell fellow brides i don't like my gown and that i changed it to OTR. He say he out of goodwill let me choose over the rack. Actually, he should charge me for it. Allo. The gown u made and the gown i tried is so different. Its not my fault leh.

Accordingly my comments has given him alot of problems. Many clients asked to enquire and asked to change their OTR. He stated that if anything just discuss with him direct. I hope that the fact that i'm truthful about my package it will make things better for other couples. After all, we are all being carroted one way or another by the wedding vendors.

Anyway, the comments on the popular bride forum are monitored and to a certain extent skewed towards the providers. So always read the good comments with a pinch of salt.

Today i asked about my evening gown and made some suggestions. I asked to line the gown with black tulle so that the gown will be more distinct. But was kinda of rejected and say we'll observed again when i go down to try it on 4th June.

So i got the opportunity to go to the fourth level to try my photoshoot gowns. I am to choose 3 gowns today. 1 outdoor wedding gown, 2 indoor wedding gown. One of it is to be my actual day gown.

I think i tried nearly 20 over gowns. And in the end i only managed to KIV 3 gowns. I started from 12 pm till 3 pm. Its damn tiring. Thank god i don't need to go through it again. I asked about when steven will get to choose his clothes. He say he will match his clothes to mine. Is that how it works?

And towards the end the designer came up to assist. Think its so much faster with him because he showed me the grander gowns or maybe his own personal collection. in the end the gown i selected will be my MTM and no one else is to wear it till my wedding day. hmmm....

4th June 2010 - Evening gowns

Got to try my MTM evening gown. All is to my satisfaction. No surprises. I requested for him to add tulle below the EG. He say he'll work on that. Happy. I hope after adding the blings and ribbons the gown will look oh so perfect. I proceed to select my rest of my photoshoot gowns. He got his assistant to help and subsequently, he helped to picked out some gowns. I wanted flowy gowns since i already got 4 ballgowns with train. Today seem to be the most smooth of the wedding process. I asked when steven is getting to try his clothes again. Apparently, he'll only take his measurements then. Going to the bridal again on 12th june. Hope can get the suits else we have to rush for some last minute shopping.

12th June 2010
Got to try my altered gowns with steven's suits. His suits are pretty all right. But some of the shirts look abit worn. So in the end i suggested for steven to wear our own newly purchased shirt for most of the suits.

Some of the suits look pretty worn too. But it didn't look too bad on camera when we snapped some pictures. Apparently the suits that he chose for the actual day will be those we tried. I may try to request for a different black suit. And also picked the grey one.

Initially, we are told that the bride (me) need to try all before the groom. But we insisted to try each by pairing to see how everything turns out. Glad that we did as it helps in visualising how we both look like.

We also got the opportunity to discuss with the photographer on the pictures we like. He went through them and commented its alot of pictures. At least, we got to share on the photos that we love.

14th June 2010 - Photoshoot day
Reach there early and was informed to move to another studio. Yay! its the new studio at Rico-a-mona. bye bye to my red chandelier at the old studio. But the new studio was better in terms of decoration, props and space. I know because i went up to recce before.

However, i got a shock on the day of photoshoot. My make up artist was Keith instead of Miki as originally agreed. I was quite taken aback and didn't know what to do. How to put up a fuss that day. OMG! well as hubby saw Keith make up skills and like it so I decided to go along with Keith. Aiz. showed him my homework and he tried to recreate the look. My makeup looks quite heavy duty. Keith sure did bring alot of his own accessories for his bride.

During the photoshoot, I have alot of difficulty in try to smile and open my eyes. I always cringe my eyes when i laugh and now its damn difficult to correct. So my smile probably end up either looking fake or something. oh no.

In all as we end the studio shoot earlier at 3 pm. We headed out to Chinese Gardens, Bontanical Garden and Marina Barrage. The photoshoot was more fun towards the end when we were at the barrage.

When i returned from the photoshoot and i met Casey. I told him about the mixed up of make-up artist. He got the gall to tell me that it was Keith all along. I was quite pissed. But since whatever is done cannot be undone. As long as the pictures are fine and they don't cork up my wedding that's fine.

16 July 2010 - 24 July 2010 - 25 July 2010 - Selection of photos

The coordinator left me to my own devices to choose the photos i want. I tried to choose as efficiently as possible. But because of the nature of my work and distance from Di gio, in the end, the whole process has to be spread out over 3 days.

Felt that the coordinator didn't really bother about us until he came over to see our shortlisted photos and to get us to buy the photos.

Though I knew then that the pictures will eventually end up in the storeroom. But these are the photos that i looked really good in (probably due to extreme make over aka photoshop). So i did buy more. In this instance we topped up quite a bit of photos which includes snapshots of our legs and clapboard. That's freaking expensive picture for a still picture. I didn't want our album to be solely our couple and solo pictures. So i included the stills. I'm really glad i did. It makes my album different.

26 August 2010-28 August 2010 - Layout for album
Well the coordinator asked us to go direct to the person editing the photos. We talked to the layout person. She very nice to talk to and very a accommodating girl. We went through and gave our suggestions which she readily agreed to made the changes and these will be ready to view again on 28 August.

The photos are edited to our satisfaction. We made a few minor editing and then wait for 2 more layouts to be touched up and our album will be ready for printing! Yay! We chose our frame and album cover today too!

All through the liaising i didn't hear from my coordinator. Our contact point is the girl who does our layout. She did it to perfection by the way.

11 Sept 2010 - Trial make up
Initially, my actual day make up artist is Miki. But she's an extremely popular and hot artist. I wanted my own specific time for my actual day so i opted for a less popular artist in the hope that i can get the timing i wanted. Casey agreed and so i used Milly and decided to do a trial make up for actual day.

She a very sweet girl and she agreed with my timing. She promised to arrange the timing as she got another bride that day. The make up for actual day is set at 630 am so i'll be ready by 8.15 am.

Tried my make up that day. It was all right. My hubby said that its nice. Like the one i did for photoshoot. But somehow i felt that Keith seemed to be able to grasp my skin tone. So i suggested to her to use pink and then purple for day/night for actual day. And she took down notes for the make up.

To my surprise, trial make up does not include hair do. But that's like so strange. I will actually think it makes more sense to do the hair as well. If doing the face without the hair, its like an incomplete job. It does seem to be an industry practice though.

10 October 2010 - Actual day
To my horror my make up timing is changed to 7 am to accommodate another bride. I requested the MUA to try to come earlier as i have a very tight timing to follow. She say she try to reach by 6.50 am. But she cannot just try! It will ruin my wedding as my mum is very traditional and very strict on such matters. And guess what, everyone arrived on actual day. My videographer, my photographer and still no sight of my make up artist. She finally arrive at 7.05 am. :(

I was very stressed and couldn't even smile until prompted by the videographer.
8 am and i'm still doing my hair. I was dismayed with the make up artist as she wanted my bridesmaid to do my hair for the change into Kwa! I think my bridesmaid is quite horrified as the girls' are not savvy with this. So the artist suggested me to curl a few tendrils of my hair. I was quite hesitant but due to time contraints i agreed but sounded unhappy. In the end, she bunned my hair so its easier for everyone later. I think the morning make up is very rushed but still bearable. Though i must admit, the dinner make up was much better as well as the hairdo and i looked extremely princessy.

In summary

This post took longer than expected as i hope to be as rational as i am impartial. Some of the things i wrote were when my feelings are all in a turmoil and frustrated so i hope to tone down my harsh words to be fair to the boutique. I'll be writing a final conclusion on my experience with Di gio and perhaps sharing some of the wonderful photos that were taken.

Post wedding comment on July 2014 - update - Casey has since left Digio to set up his own shop. Please google for Calla Couture.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More moolahs please

i've applied for ad sense but its forever in the state of "awaiting approval". So much for passive income.

Nevermind i've got nuffnang! So if you like what you've been reading. Pls pls on the advertisements. Cos more moolahs ($$$) equals more wedding shows. All brides benefits including myself.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A brand new year

Happy New Year! How time flies, its now 2011.

Its been a busy and hectic time since wedding till now. Scouring through my photos to get them developed. Its important for me to keep the wedding memories and make them meaningful. For me, scrapbooking is the way to go. And i've been trying to improve on my skills.

Here's one that've made, photo by my wedding photographer, apple from Hwee Studios.