Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Colour Theme - The solitaire brides's

The colour coordinates for the day. Soft hues of cyan and pink. Suitable for the guys and pretty for the girls.

For the night, i wanted a deeper contrast and going for cheerful and bright colours. Blood red and ice blue.

Finally settled the colours and very pleased with getting something (er anything done).

Inspiration from inspired bride

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about weddings contests

Win an Extraordinary Wedding (closing date Apr 2009)

This is a wedding contest i took part in sometime back. I did put in some effort in writing. All participants have to write their perfect dream wedding. And one lucky winner will have their dreams come true.

Here goes my entry:

“Love is like a butterfly, beautiful and free
Fluttering and tender just for everyone to see
Love is like a ray of light, shining down on me
It lifts you up and sways you round like a leaf on a tree
In the Garden of Eden, we shall pledge
Our everlasting love and to each other we wed”

There is nothing like a solemnization in an enchanted garden under a gazebo. Both of us dressed in Grecian inspired clothing and garlands crown our head while our closest family and friends bear witness to our vows.

Little fairies and elves carry our rings in a floral cage symbolizing a heavenly and blissful marriage.

Entertainment from magicians and clowns create a joyous and relaxed atmosphere where we can mingle and interact with our esteemed guests before dinner commences. Light refreshements like canapés, cocktails and bossa nova music set the mood for the evening.

The reception and dining room is romantically adorned with blue, pink and white flowers and balloons. Scented candles light the room creating a dreamy ambience.

Placed among them are photos that we took of nature and us and scrapbooks we crafted to share our journey of love. Numerous themed photo montage playing our favourite songs depicts our life together till the night.

Champagne bubbles are placed on every table to be blown by the guests who wish to be a part of our wedding celebration through the night.

A sumptuous chinese dinner along with a humourous emcee leading the crowd make the night a truly memorable. Not just for the bride and groom but for the guests too.

Picture perfect moments of the night’s events captured will be treasured and remembered.

A slow dance with my partner to the tune of “Wonderful Tonight” with the grass under my feet and stars overhead ends my enchanted dream wedding.

Photos are also required to be attached.
On top of the little writing, i also did my favourite digital scrapbooking.

Didn't win the grand prize. We can only console ourselves with consolation prizes.

Most Interesting Couple Photos (30 Couples)
Damon Low Videography: 'Express' Package voucher worth $100
Drinkdings: $100 voucher off the Drinkdings Mobile Bar SolutionTM
Let There Be Light: Actual Day Photography or Pre-Wedding Photography voucher worth $500
National Museum of Singapore: A pair of admission pass worth $10 each
Purple Sage: 10% discount voucher on Wedding Food Menu
RedBox Flowers & Gifts: 10% discount on Venue Décor and Bridal Package
SellHerOnline.com: 10% discount voucher for Wedding Favours
The Card Room: Complimentary Matching colour envelopes worth $80
Wedding Concierge: $200 discount voucher

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Quotes

A heart as soft, a heart as kind,
A heart as sound and free,
As in the whole world thou canst find,
That heart I'll give to thee.
~ Robert Herrick

Wedding Bands Engravings

Engraving is a popular way for couples to personalize their wedding rings, and there are many different types of sentiments that can be inscribed on rings depending on whether the couple is interested in a simple romantic note, a funny, quirky engraving, or a sentimental inscription.


Give me a thousand kisses (Hers); And then a thousand more (his)
I keep the ends out (Hers); for the tie that binds (His)
For you see, each day I love you more (Hers); Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow (His)
Grow old with me! (Hers); The best is yet to be (His)
A perfect fit
Now and forever
I found love, and love was you
From this day forward...
You are SO mine
My love, my life, my friend
Today, tomorrow, always
Eternally yours
All You Need is Love
Two wishes left
True love stories never have endings.

Mine, all mine!
Put me back on!
I married beneath me, all women do.
I only snore for you
the world's smallest handcuffs
When love is not madness, it is not love.
It was the worst drink I ever had! (His); All it took was lemon juice and vodka! (Hers)

Red light, Sweetie!
Wrapped around you forever
1 room, 1 bed, no p.j.’s

Wide band rings may be able to have longer inscriptions than just the few words that most bands can comfortably fit.

When choosing an inscription idea, it is important to select one that will be as timeless as the romance it represents. A quote from a movie popular the year of the wedding may seem appropriate at the time, but in a few years it may be cliché or misunderstood.

When filling out an engraving order sheet, couples should print clearly and double check spelling and spacing for clarity, and extra time should be allowed for the engraving process in case of delays or errors.

Very fine engraving may eventually be worn away, so couples should opt for thicker, clearer fonts and deeper engravings if possible to ensure the words last as long as the love behind them.

The solitaire bride's take

The above are some engravings that i really like and wish to share. After much deliberation and consensus between me and SO, our personal favourite is "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours ~ 101010" meaning forever yours, mine and ours.

I was really shocked to learn that i can only engrave 10 letters on my ring on the day of collection! So in the end we only engrave our initials and our wedding date right on the spot! So be prepared to make impromptu decisions or ask more kiasu questions?

And today i finally collected my rings from Soo Kee. I was informed that they may no longer give away wedding pillows! Then don't tell me i'm getting one right? They will informed me if they ever stock up? We'll see if it really materialises.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movie Theme Wedding

I was researching on wedding themes, particularly, movie themes.

Movie themes should be red carpet, gold and glitz.

Not only that it should be a star studded event. With paparazzi.

To complete it, include the tickets for entry.

And also popcorn.

And candies. Lotsa of them!!!

Don't forget the candy girls.

The most important is the movie poster.

That's what makes the wedding more interesting. Woo hoo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Banquet - Parkroyal at Beach Road

The Themes

If my memory doesn't fail me, i believe there is 3 themes at Parkroyal. No phamplets are given to me, only a file which the coordinator show us. The presentation is similar to Orchard Hotel. At least they did give us some photos to help us visualise. Some hotels just verbalise. Anyway, a friend on mine held her wedding there and i took the opportunity to take some pictures to share.

And the good news is there are 2 themes that day at both ballrooms. I even sneaked photos from another wedding. Yay!

Closeup of the reception table.

The reception area

The stage

The guests table and seats are white.

This one is obviously a garden theme wedding with all flowers and hanging veins.
The reception
The ballroom

Some close ups.

The ballroom
The smaller ballroom have stairs that you need to ascend.

The suite

Choice of bridal suite is the superior or deluxe. If i remembered correctly, there is only one bridal room and it similar to the deluxe room i was shown.

I asked to be shown both rooms.

of course, a double bed will replace the twin beds. :)

The vanity room. Looks pretty up to standard.

The deluxe room is definitely more spacious and well furnished.

The glass toilet. Good only when you have extreme privacy.

Even the toilet looks more stylish.

Wedding Favours

From Parkroyal

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Solitaire Wedding D -214: First Hilton Reminder

My wedding plans are moving really slowly.

Besides from finalising my videographer, photographer, wedding bands and bridal boutique. I think i haven done anything else yet.

And today i've got a surprise email from my hotel, Hilton, no less.

They highlighted the key points to note for the wedding preparation
By first week of July - food tasting and theme selection.
By first week of August - all invitation cards will be printed.

The date is drawing nearer and nearer. I hope i won't fret too much or get too stressed up.

So far, i'm quite impressed with my coordinator for the banquet at least they are proactive and follow up. Feeling pampered already!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wedding Vows

Wedding vows actually is the least of my worries. Most definitely i'll be taking the standard template provided my the Justice of Peace (JP)whoever he may be.

Or if you come across beautiful prose that is appropriate it may just be your wedding vows.

the colour of my love

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Dream Wedding Car

I'm such a sucker for convertibles. So naturally,i hope that my wedding car will also be a convertible. The downside is the groom having to drive the car for the day.

credits to lexus

The sleek Lexus IS-C. It looks a little futuristic as well.

credits to weddingcars.sg

A vintage piece that sreams for attention

credits from mitsuoka

The luxurious Humiko Roaster Mitsuoka

credits to weddingcars.sg

The mini cooper cabriolet.

credits to weddingcars.sg

The volkswagon beetle cabriolet in blue or cream. The most popular wedding convertible at the moment. Cute and a cool looker.