Friday, June 17, 2011

Dream Honeymoon ~ Europe

Europe has always been my dream honeymoon venue. So when it comes to my honeymoon the destination is obvious but deciding on which part of Europe becomes the question. Eventually, our country of choice is Switzerland and France (specifically Paris).

My hubby is kind of a vegabond - he loves to travel at his own pace and so our trip is no doubt a Free and Easy one. If you think that its a pretty gutsy choice, then you are wrong. He has been to Paris while i've travelled Switzerland so we kinda know that we can travel quite well on our own. Switzerland particularly is very safe. Paris is not too bad, just keep a look out for pickpockets and watch the news daily (France was having strikes very frequently that time). Things have quieten down much since.

It was a long and nice break from work and i look forward to a next long trip.

From Travel - Romantic Paris

From Travel - Picturesque Switzerland