Friday, July 30, 2010

Solemiser meet-up!

I've finalised my solemniser sometime back in June.

Today, i got to meet the solemniser in person and got my form signed.

I realise how "HOT" my day is. I understand that some couples are frantically looking for a solemniser. I emphatise with them and understand how they feel.
I feel very fortunate and thankful now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Actual Day Solemnisation - What and How

To Do
(1) Be punctual, and arrive at the marriage venue at least 15 minutes before appointed time.

Solemnisation starts punctually as scheduled. If for any reason your solemnisation is delayed beyond 30 minutes without notice, your Solemniser may leave the marriage venue. Under such circumstances, you will need to e-Change a new solemnisation date. A fee is payable. If your new solemnisation date is after expiration of 3 months of notice filed, you will need to submit a new application, ie e-File a new notice of marriage

(2) Two witness must be present
Solemnisation duration averages five minutes. If your solemnisation is carried out at a religious venue, the ceremony may be longer, with religious rituals included

(3)You and your family accord your Solemniser the same courtesy as you would your specially invited guests

(4)You reimburse your Solemniser for transport costs incurred to officiate at your wedding. The reimbursement guideline is $28 to $48.

To Bring
(1)Both your NRICs (Identity Cards) / Passports
(2)Two witnesses above 21 years of age and their NRICs (Identity Cards) / (3)Passports
(4)Appointment letter
(5)Rings for exchange

The soleminsation ceremony (ROM)
(1)Your solemniser will seek to confirm that you are about to enter into a marriage of your own free will
(2)You will take the solemn and binding marriage vows, and sign the marriage document
(3)Your witnesses will also be requested to sign the marriage document
(4) You will receive your marriage certificate

The Marriage Certificate
Immediately, check your marriage certificate to ensure spelling of names and NRIC (Identity Card) / Passport numbers of all four persons are accurate before leaving the marriage venue.

Seek rectification the next working day if you are outside the ROM.


We have forgotten to bring the marriage documents to the wedding venue.
Plan A
If solemnisation can be delayed, inform your solemniser and send a friend or family member to collect from home.
Plan B
If solemnisation must proceed on time as planned:
a. Keep cool, inform your solemniser, send a friend or family member to collect from home.
b. Proceed with solemnisation and exchange of rings
c. Allow the rest of the programme to continue
d. When the marriage documents arrive, hand it over to your solemniser and secure signatures of parties

My solemniser gives short notice for inability to solemnise my marriage

1. Ask if he has arranged for an alternative solemniser and if so, the details such as name, contact no, arrival time, etc.
2. If he has NOT arranged for an alternative solemniser due to circumstances, ask for the name and contact of his buddy solemniser OR choose Option A or B

Option A
Keep cool and calm
a. Go to: , 'List of solemnisers' and invite a solemniser, preferably from your constituency near your solemnisation venue
b. Rally family members and friends to entertain your guests while waiting for the arrival of your alternative solemniser
c. Proceed with solemnisation upon arrival of the alternative solemniser

Option B
a. Rally your parents to preside over the celebrations (note the ceremony is not legal in nature)
b. Proceed with reciting a 'Declaration of Love and Commitment' and exchanging of rings
c. Allow the rest of the programme to continue
Both of you, your 2 witnesses go to ROM the next working day. Bring along all NRICs/Passports and the marriage documents. ROM will prepare a new set of marriage certificates (complimentary) and will solemnise your marriage immediately.

My solemniser has not called, cannot be reached and solemnisation is due

Your solemniser may have encountered an emergency or unforeseen happening that prevented him from contacting you.

a. Rally your parents to preside over the celebrations (note the ceremony is not legal in nature)
b. Proceed with reciting a 'Declaration of Love and Commitment' and exchanging of rings
c. Allow the rest of the programme to continue
d. Both of you, your 2 witnesses go to ROM the next working day. Bring along all NRICs/Passports and the marriage documents.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guo da li - Wine or brandy for the bride?

According to traditions its strictly hard liquor Brandy. But if the bride's mother doesn't mind, you can buy your own favourite wine.

My mum is pretty particular, so it must be hard liquor. Its supposedly useful during a woman's confinement period. Not too sure if its for external application or consumption that helps. It can be used on drunken chicken or better drunken prawns. ^_^

Brandy that comes in round shape are Henessy V.S.O.P, Remy Martin Club and Martell V.S.O.P. Do note that Remy Martin V.S.O.P bottle is black in colour.

Here's is my Henessy V.S.O.P purchased from DFS. That's the cheapest way i can think of to buy brandy.

My SO and I asked for favours from friends and fellow colleagues. Thanks for their help. You know who you are.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Paper roses

Time to pick up speed and do things for my wedding.
Else it will be a mayhem closer to my wedding.

Here is some do-it-yourself roses that i was doing. And hoping to incorporate in the wedding.

Yes. I've got a weakness for roses, ribbons and butterflies.

Here's the rose that i was testing out. Looks like the size is just right for what i planned.

The trick is to keep to the same width so the rose will be nice. A thinner width as you cut will give you a flatter rose too.

Please see the tutorial here

I did a crepe rose earlier if you prefer something else.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outdoor (Non-religious) Solemnisation Procedures - What, When and How

Here's my step by step guide for reference.
Items with check is for my own reference.

The main criteria is of course a solemnisation held outside ROM office.

1: Get a solemniser

Ensure that his name is still valid under the list of licensed solemniser.
There are 3 main categories: grassroot leader, justice of peace and additional solemniser.

2. Check eligibility
Special conditions if you are below 21 years of age.
CHECKVerification and Statutory Declaration: Both of you are required to come to ROM on the scheduled date and time.

3. What to prepare
NRIC (Identity Card for Singaporean & PR) / Passport (for foreigners)
NRIC (Identity Card) / Passports of 2 witnesses above 21 years of age

Witness can be anyone and no restriction on nationality.

CHECK:Verification and Statutory Declaration: Both of you are required to come to ROM on the scheduled date and time.

4. Time

The earliest and latest date you may solemnise your marriage is after expiration of 21 days and before expiration of 3 months respectively of notice given.
21 days notice period
If you file your notice of marriage on 1 October, a 21-day notice period shall be 2 - 22 October. The earliest solemnisation date shall be 23 October.

3 months expiration period
If you file a notice of marriage on a 25th day, the expiry date at 3 months shall be on 25th. That is, if you file on 25 September, the latest solemnisation date or expiry date shall be 25 December. Here's a list of more examples:

5. Register filing:
(a) NRIC or Passport of the groom, bride and 2 witnesses above 21 years of age (click here)
(b) Solemnisation date, time and the full address of the venue
(c) Consent Form signed by a solemniser (for OUTDOOR)

All information is available under

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anna Nucci - Italy

I've been on a lookout for bling bling diamante shoes for some time. After window shopping for some time, i still came back to this brand. As it is the not so expensive and still bling, bright and shining.

Some places i visited include paragon-metro and takashimaya. The prices are somewhat similar. The ones at Takashimaya is extremely expensive though.

I also did take a look at Essex walk and Leaping lizards the made to measure shoes. After my encounter with made to measure (MTM) wedding gowns. I have to think doubly hard on anything that requires MTM.

There is another pair that i was laming for from the same shop. I love it because the heels are encrusted with blings too. And the price difference is like S$10. In the end, i purchased the current pair that i wore for the photoshoot. Glad i did buy this pair because the front of the other pair is wider and my feet is prone to slipping out from the front.

Shoes: S$138.90

Solitairebride's review:
The shoes are really glamourous. I was pleased with my purchase until it the diamantes fell off the shoe. Its an entire string of it somemore.

I was planning on wearing it for the third (and last time) for my company dinner and dance. I guess its the last time it will ever see the day. The entire diamante got caught on the carpet and got ripped off. On closer inspection, all the diamonds are actually hot glued. Even the metal string enveloping the diamante is also hot glued. I think the price is reasonable but the quality says alot. At least the shoes survived the wedding for that i'm super glad.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More crocheted wedding dolls

I finally saw my pre-ordered wedding dolls on the day of my wedding shoot.

At the beginning, there was a little unhappiness when i ordered the dolls as the seller increased the price by 2 times the original quote. I felt extremely indignant then.

Although, it is the seller's right to increase price in accordance to market conditions but the fact is i wanted to make the dolls much earlier (and at the cheaper price) but was asked to delay since my wedding is in 2010. Fortunately, in the end, she reduced the price for me out of goodwill.

So happy when i finally thought i got the entire order settled. Thinking that all that i need to do is to wait patiently and collect them on 4 June.

Few days before 4 June, i dropped the seller a message. I got another bomb shell. She asked for an extension till the following Thursday which i obliged. Come wednesday, she informed me that she fell sick and can only passed the dolls to me during the weekend. And my photoshoot is on Monday.

I started wondering if my beautiful dolls won't make it to my shoot. Fortunately, i finally got them on Sunday. On Saturday, i received the MMS pictures (phew!) and was very happy that all was but a scare.

My original intention is the put the dolls at the hood of the wedding car. I'm still seriously considering this option. Because the dolls are sooooo pretty.

Moreover, the doll brides' bouquet is made of paper. I may need to remove it if i'm putting it on the hood.

Nevertheless I'm glad the dolls are incorporated as part of my photoshoot. Pair of dolls but used in many ways.

Here's my beautiful dolls:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Food tasting at Hilton

The meeting with the coordinator was rushed because she got held up. The discussion suppose to be at 7 pm and dinner to start at 730pm and it dragged till 8pm as we are still selecting our decoration for the day. Some rush decisions. I think i may have to re-choose some things. hmmm....

The food portions during food tasting are huge. Even my greedy SO think so. I can't finish them.

As for the full menu, I'll will show them only after the wedding. Ah! I'm a bride who love to some and secrets suspense for the wedding.

Its now less than 90 days and i have not started on my centrepiece complements.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crocheted Wedding Dolls (Yet again)

I did a 2nd set of wedding dolls. This time it took much much longer (4 months) than the first set.

Practise does make perfect. at least, i can do the hair portion much better now.

This pair of dolls are the wearing the chinese costumes. The typical dressing in a chinese wedding.

Wedding gown and kua combination.

Here's a quick tutorial for brides who are interested in make it themselves.

The parts to be be sewed together. (head, hair, 2 arms. for the groom additional 2 feet)

First sew the hair together. Followed by the head with the torso.

Attached the arms and legs.

The end product.
The sakura with paper flowers.
The grooms red cai qiu.
The back of the dolls. Cute right?
Smucks! A long good kiss.

Good luck in your own creation!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The clapboard

Oh yes i did promise to write about my clapboard. It took this long because the clapboard came from china chipped.

I hope when the thing was delivered by the vendor it was in perfect shape and its only broke when they try to ship out to Singapore. Whatever it is. It still broke.

It took a while for me to think how to fix it to look as good as new.

This is the already mended clapboard.

A closer scrutiny.

The back of the clapboard. Its pretty obvious even after mending.

To rectify it, i need to cut a part of some acrylic cover i used to use for my project.

The same for the back part.

So to beautify it further i got some scrapbooking ribbon (a birthday gift from friends) and am deciding between just adorning the bottom or all around.

Being lousy with visualisation, i got to see it to know it.

I decided to line only the bottom of the clapboard. Doing it all over seem to spoil the entire clapboard feel.

The finished product. You almost cannot see that broken part.

Grins! Yay!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food tasting

I've arranged for food tasting with my family today. And it got re-scheduled by the Hotel after it got confirmed.

It was a HUGE DISCONVENIENCE. I need to re-inform and re-coordinate.

How come i got a feeling that this is not my year?

Friday, July 2, 2010

oh so beautiful nails

I recently did my nails for my photo shoot and this also as a pre-trial for my actual day.

I always thought that acrylic nails means taking those off the rack nails and then cut to fit. How wrong i was.

I never never expect acrylic nails to be something like that. It is build from scratch and molded to fit. My nails took about 3.5 hours. A super long grooming session.

The full set of the nails. Super chio huh? The glittler mist shines

I already set my appointment for my actual day. Have you?

My manicurist is Thistlebelle.