Friday, February 18, 2011

Digio in Summary

Overall, the Di gio experience has been satisfactory. There are definitely some hiccups here and there and some promises left unfulfilled. At the end of the day, i'm overall pleased with my over the rack wedding gown. I got compliments for my fuschia pink evening gown.

Both of my make up artist are great. But after trying both i personally prefer keith who easily create the perfect colours for my skin. While Milly is very gentle and detailed.

I absolutely love the photographs taken by Big Ben. The photographic skills is definitely there and we thoroughly enjoyed session with him. He did try to crack jokes to make me fill more at ease. But i still got worried. Lucky the photos turn out really fine. Kudos to him!

My coordinatore Casey is ok but i personally feel that he is not attentive enough to my needs but he's one in Digio who can make the decisions.

Follow up service is definitely lacking and at the end of the day i feel just like an ordinary customer with is not pampered enough. But at the very least, i don't encounter the horror stories that some brides shared on Singaporebrides forum. So i'm just happy that everything turn out well.

As expected, the wedding album is now residing under the bed permanently. Perhaps i will put it out once again during housewarming so that everyone can get to see it again.

Make up artist: Keith (Photoshoot)
Make up artist: Milly(Actual day)
Photographer: Big Ben (Photoshoot)
Coordinator / Designer: Casey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marry you

Have you heard the song? Its a highly addictive song.
Joyful and carefree. Makes me wanna feel irrational and madly in love all over again.