Friday, June 15, 2012

The actual day emergency kit list

One of the most important roles of your bridesmaids is to make sure that you are looking perfect and stress free on your wedding day.  There are so many things that can go wrong on your big day, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.  

Most importantly, let your bridemaids handle all matters, however big or small. Its your big day and you should be pampered like a princess.  Eat whenever you have the chance because its going to be a long day and you're less likely to eat during the wedding banquet itself.

Here's the emergency kit list:

Band aids (Handiplast - get the nude type) - Just in case
Tissues - to wipe the sweat
Bobby pins - to fix the hair
Safety pins - it freak me out when my train fell apart and i am unable to locate any sewing kit in my hotel room
Sewing kit - to fix that dress
Comb – to make sure every strand is in place
Makeup – for touch ups (foundation/lip stick/ blusher)
Blotting Paper – to reduce the shine
Earring Backs – just a few extras to make sure they stay on
Lip Balm – to make sure your lips are moist throughout the day
Dental Floss – to get the food stuck between your teeth
Nail File – to smooth out your nails
Tampons / Panty Liners – just in case
Hand Sanitizer / Wipes – this is more convenient instead of going to the bathroom
Scissors – to cut that loose thread
White Chalk/stain remover – a quick way to hide a stain on your wedding dress especially when you have a hell of a long train
Eye drops - for the contact lenses
Panadol - for the headache
Medicated oil - for sudden aches and that mosquito bite!

Those highlighted in red is what i find particularly helpful on my wedding day and for my friends as well. All these items should be able to fit in a purse that your bridesmaid can have with them all day.