Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kose Beauty Centre Facial Review (Isetan Scotts)

I was very very taken aback when i entered the unassuming beauty salon right in the heart of orchard.

While the place is clean and design is simple, it was very sparsely furnished considering its brand name and in comparision with Yamano (the other japanese salon i went).  I entered the facial premises after i passed through the hair salon. What greeted me makes my jaw dropped even more, the room is bare. There is no wall partitions for privacy, in its place are curtains hung to separate the different beds. And i am able to see all the facial therapist and guests. Each therapist handles 2 guests both at the same time!!!


My session suppose to start at 3 pm since my therapist is also handling another customer, i whipped out my phone and start playing candy crush till my therapist is available at 3.30pm. The therapist started by cleaning my face and recommending the appropriate therapy for my skin. I was advised to do the Whitening & Anti-ageing Treatment and also an eye treatment. I politely declined the eye treatment which turns out to be a very smart decision. *More about that later.*

Then the therapist cleansed my face followed by a hard bristle brush on my face. The brush felt like the thick bristle brush i used for my toilet. OMG! After which, the therapist placed a foul smelling towel on my face (towel smell of the Dettol antiseptic which is gross in my opinion).

Next step is extraction, the steam machine is place either too hot or placed too near my face because my lips felt like its in an overheated room for the entire time the steaming machine is on. Then, a mask is placed on my face and i was left alone. The mask reeks of alcohol and breathing it in burns my nostrils.

I can hear the therapist attending to the other guest lying beside me. After a seemingly long time, by which the therapist has completed the facial for another guest. She came back to me to put on the clay mask. It is another excruciatingly long wait. By then, i heard another guest that popped in to ask my therapist whether she's available and she promptly attended to her. I heard someone entering and said she coming for the 5 pm appointment. That's when i totally freaked out as i had a Dinner and Dance to attend at orchard at 6.30 pm. I had expected myself to be on the way home way before 5 pm!!!

After waiting for a short while, i raise my hand to get the attention of my therapist and for her to remove my clay mask. I finally finished my facial with the foul smelling hot towel again and some application of moisturizer.

I looked at my watch its 5.10 pm and i am going to be very very late for my D&D.

I find the session totally unenjoyable.  Throughout, i can hear the machines whirring in the background, therapist chatting with their guests, and my neighbour snoring!

The entire session lasted slightly more then 2 hours. Beware you will need to spend much longer then your usual facial time as the therapist is managing 2 guests at the same time. You should count yourself extremely lucky if you're the only one the therapist is attending to.

The only redemption is the facial massage and mask application which makes my skin glow after the therapy. The individual sessions for facial are also considered quite easy on the pocket (nothing exceeds S$100 see package prices below), its even cheaper if you sign a package.

However, considering the level of comfort, time and value, i think my money is better spent else where. This is most definitely the first and my last time i going Kose Beauty Centre for facial.

Package prices as listed on web as of date of writing (25 October 2013)
Deep Cleansing Facial 
Basic facial for clear skin.
Package Price: S$ 280
Per Session: S$ 70

Sekkisei Herbal Facial 
Harnesses the goodness of Japanese & Chinese herbs
to brighten and moisturise your skin.
Package Price: S$ 340
Per Session: S$ 85

Problem Treatment 
(With Charcoal Mask)
• Pimples • Oily & Open pores
Utilizes a non-invasive charcoal mask to detox, purify
and deep cleanse. Also has a pore-refining effect.
Package Price: S$ 360
Per Session: S$ 90

Whitening & Anti-ageing Treatment 
Utilizes a vegetable mask with high Vitamin C content
whitening Skincare range for anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle
and whitening action.
Package Price: S$ 380
Per Session: S$ 95

Eyebrow Trimming 
Per Session: S$ 10

Detoxifying Treatment
Utilizes charcoal mask together with lymphatic draining
massage to detoxify and remove un-metabolized wastes
from skin.
Package Price: S$ 380
Per Session: S$ 95

Collagen-Up Treatment
Utilizes a collagen mask + anti-ageing skincare series
to act against signs of ageing and stress on skin.
Package Price: S$ 440
Per Session: S$ 110

Eye Treatment 
For the delicate eye area, to act against fine lines and eye
rings. Can be combined with other treatments.
Package Price: S$ 200
Per Session: S$ 50

Deep Hydration Treatment 
(Green Tea Mask)
Utilizes Green Tea mask to nourish and revitalize highly
dehydrated or dry skin.
Package Price: S$ 360
Per Session: S$ 90

Per Session: S$ 40