Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crepe Roses

I stumble across a Martha Steward pack in a scrapbook store at wheelock place. The set is being sold for S$50.

First, i cut out the shape using cardboard from a Martha Stewart template i found online.

Trace and cut out shapes on the crepe paper. 1 square, 3 of each type of petal and the calyx.

Stretch the crepe paper petals.

From Diy

Crimp the edges with a wire.

Wrap the wire around the square to create a bud.

Start with the smallest petals and wind around the bud and slowly complete all the 9 petals. Upon completion, glue the calyx and wrap the entire stem with a flower tape. Add leaves if required.

The crepe rose.

The mini bouquet

The materials cost:
Crepe: S$2.20
Wire: S$2.00
Flower tape: S$1.80
Total cost: S$6.00

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