Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Banquet -Parkroyal beach road (Wedding dinner review)

I attended a wedding in October 2013 at the Parkroyal beach road. Boy! I was in for a surprise. The hotel is newly renovated and refurbished to a very corporate and clean polished look. There is a huge area for reception. Even the exterior area is also revamped (i didn't manage to get pictures for outdoors). You can hold your ROM outdoors and have decorated to an outdoor garden setting. Yes the outdoor area is that huge!

This place has changed so dramatically.  By comparison, a banquet held at the same location in 2010, see review here. There is alot more room since the wedding i attended is no longer at the other ballroom.

The ceilings of the ballroom are tall, creating an illusion of space and comfort.See the ballroom with the backdrop.
The photo below is where the bride and the groom walks down the aisle from the back. You are guaranteed a long long walk down the aisle.
Romantic backdrop for the stage in romantic flowers display.
Interestingly the champagne fountain is set at ground level and not on the stage. Yet is is still sufficiently high for the champagne pop and the groom need not bend down to pour.

VIP table setting
Setting for the VIP guests.
A close up ic for the VIP table
The sash for the chairs
Love birds table setting for the bride and groom.

Table settings for guests:
The 8 course dishes for dinner are:
1. Parkroyal Eight Treasures Platter (Silver bait, prawn salad, mariated sliced octopus, fish skin, drunken free range chicken, five spice prawn, cantonese roast duck, stuffed lychee)
2. Sapphire Tiara (Abalone, sea cucumber, imperial crabmeat, japanese flower mushroom, fish maw, hakkaido dried scallop, caviar, shark fin)
3. Stewed five treasure duck
4. Steamed marble goby
5. Braised sliced abalone
6. Sauteed queen scallop
7.Stir fried mian xian

8. Double boiled snow fungus

I definitely like the new decor of the newly furbished hotel as well as it central location.

I am not certain if the hotel servings are from Si chuan dou hua. If it was, its below their usual standard so i am a little dissappointed.

While the ambience and decor has greatly improved and surpass my expectations, the food fare served is quite standard like any wedding dinner. It will do better with a more interesting menu that compliments the revamped atmosphere.

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