Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The joy of blogging

Blogging is about sharing your ideals and experience. And of course, while i may have encounter many detours along the way, i hope others will learn from my lessons and mishaps along the way.

Well, to share with you something exciting that happen. We got the letter from HDB informing us that our house will soon be READY! Yippee! and i've been busy researching on home decor and bloggers who share their journey of creating a place call "HOME". The information that the bloggers shared has helped me alot! Really. So i was glad that i did my little journey of blogging and the great satisfaction i got from the process.

Though currently, i may have lesser to share on weddings. My other experience like my home decor which some will consider part and parcel of weddings will hopefully be helpful in your preparation.

I will also share on my F&E Switzerland and Paris honeymoon for people who are interested in doing it. It wasn't too bad and i like having the leisure of doing things on my own time. Beams.

Stay tuned!

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