Saturday, December 12, 2009

Banquet Orchard Parade Hotel


There is only one available theme for Orchard Parade Hotel.

The wedding couple can opt to hold their wedding in the ballroom or the restaurant. The settings for the ballroom are almost the same.

The reception area

The reception table

The guest signature book

The Antica Ballroom and decor

The stage at Antica Ballroom. Space on the stage is a little tight.

The VIP table setting

The guest table settings and the SingPost couple stamps. Think it makes a unique gift. Unfortunately, Club Chinos is no longer providing this a wedding favour for guests for new contracts.

I love the menu card. Very unique and different from the usual menu fare.

The reception table for those who opt for the restaurant. The chairs are quite eye catching and intimidating.

The entrance of ther restaurant if you have a smaller number of guests.

The table settings are the same except for the chairs. Leather chairs is provided.

VIP table setting is the same too.

View of the stage with the guests' view.

Table requirements:

Antica Ballroom: min 20 - max 32 (for weekends a min 25)
Club Chinois: min 20 - max 27

The wedding favour

Chocolates replace the stamps as wedding favours.


Here are the list of available cards to choose from:

No visit to the bridal room is made for this trip as there is only one bridal room available and it is currently occupied.

This is one of the best offers along the entire stretch of orchard road. And as Club Chinos is under Tung Lok Group. Food is definitely nice.

From what i understand there is a selection of 3 menus (Classic, Glamour and Elegance) to choose from and each is priced differently.

The person who attend to us during our visit is friendly and helpful. Though they have to prepare for a wedding dinner in 2 hours time. The package itself is quite comprehensive and easy on the pocket. This is definitely for budget consicious couples who want the best deal.

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