Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to make life difficult for the bestmen!

This is a super innovative idea by my friend. And i personally think that this is really interesting. Spicy buffalo wings at Sunset Grill.

Its actually a eat out place at singapore flying club. And its super ulu. But you definitely need a car to get in.

Its fun to try. I nearly killed myself trying the super hot wings. The lips just turned red and sore. I couldn't make myself finish that one wing. But i did finish one. And this is only level 3 only. There are like 30 levels to go. Kudos to my friend and boyfriend who took 2 of the wings each.

Downed the wings with Erdinger beer. At least this made the wings bearable. ah yes... i'm a little alcoholic. :D

And the super nice fried mushrooms recommended by my friend who brought us there.

I heard the guys who tried out the level 15 wings on my friends wedding day thinks its not spicy at all (of course la, they peeled off the skin that is mains).

Somehow, my SO is begging to try level 5 chicken wings. Alloz, these wings are not cheap. They come at a hefty price of S$6 per wings (this is for level 15). Price varies as you move up or down the level scale. Sorry, chilli padi for you darling. Mucks.

For those who are really interested to try:
- 140 B Piccadilly Road

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