Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My vintage frames

I've been waiting forever for these frames. I chanced upon this as i was surfing etsy. And i finally got my ornate frames. You seldom get to see them in Singapore. Even if they're here, they certainly will cost an arm and leg. These are kinda of expensive too if you consider the freight and exchange. But well, what the heck. I WANT them.

It took a really long time to get here. Like 3 weeks after my purchase. Morale of the story don't make urgent purchases.

What's in the box? Bubble foam.

Tata! the entire family. I got 2 frames at discount. The pink and bubble gum pink. The red one at full cost. Else the frames will cost much much more. But its the cheapest and nicest ones on etsy already.

This is my favourite of them all. Soft pink. Very romantic.
So many things i can use for them. Terrific!

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