Friday, January 21, 2011

The wedding shoot with a china made custom wedding gown

There are many rave reviews online on china made gowns. I finally took the plunge in early April and got the gown in 3 weeks. Amazing! You got the thumbs up for speed so what about the quality.

Well, i dare say there are local bridal shops that uses china made gowns. And the one i got from is a pretty good quality and it sparkles and blings. The fit is all right and where it doesn't give the omph. I can always use my own perfect solution. The gown has a 80 cm train and it came with a pretty decent price in spite of all the embroidery and lace.

I did a little photo shoot with my pretty wedding gown and i'm really glad i did it.

Credits to the steven from memories photography for taking the photos.
Location: Labrador Park

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