Friday, November 30, 2012

Fancl Facial @ Isetan Wisma (Review)

This facial after 2 months still give me the horrors.

Its a most painful session of facial i had to endure. First of all, the extraction is really squeezing every other bit of my skin. It felt like i had a thousand needles and its all hot and prickly where the therapist hand landed. I came out looking like a bubble bee.

Secondly, I was late and i was penalised very badly. Its my fault for being late but the facial therapist really go by the books and though her next facial is 30 mins away, she did not extend my facial even for 1 minute!!!

And the music in the cabine and outside isetan is very conflicting and jarring. Imagine you have soft music of sea and waves and outside they are playing pop songs of lady gaga. This is definitely the last time i am ever going for a facial at the temporary cabine in a shopping mall.

All these adds up to my very unpleasant experience and by far the worse. Poor service, lousy environment and bad value for money.

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