Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wedding solemnisation at Chijmes - Review

Having a romantic church wedding is the dream of every girl, myself included. But unless you're a christian, its almost impossible to hold your wedding solemnisation at a church. 

In japan, the church wedding concept is very prevalent and it comes at a price. One such place is Hotel Monterey Kyoto with a "church" extension that can fulfill a bride-to-be dream church wedding.

So if we love to hold a wedding at a chapel in Singapore, Chijmes is the place to go. Chijmes is a beautifully structure historic building complex in Singapore that has been gazetted as a national monumnet. It once housed a Catholic convent school known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) and their convent quarters known as Caldwell House. It has been restored for commercial purposes, such as shopping, dining and an entertainment centre.

Here is the views of the former church decorated as a solemnisation venue.

For solemnisation, the 2 aisles will serve as the dining place as shown below. The size is just about right for a small gathering of relatives and close friends. Food served is buffet style for this wedding i attended.


Food wise is pretty standard buffet fair and decoration is clean, simple with soothing pastels and bright yellow florals. I think the crux of solemnisation at Chijmes is walking down the aisle with your father and the handing over the bride to the groom. Much like what you see in TV. Awwww.... it makes my eyes well up in tears just thinking about it.

Of course, Chijmes can also be a venue where you hold the wedding banquet but it will be much like a hotel banquet presumably.

With reference to the new management and website , Watabe japan, its seems that food is now provided by Tung Lok for weddings and the budget seems pretty flexible per table ranging from $700 - infinity. It definitely look pretty enticing to me. Ladies, do go check it out!

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