Thursday, April 24, 2014

Perth - Australia - 4 Days 3 Nights (Part 1) Itinerary

This is a short getaway to Perth. Previously, a friend i know also went on a 4 days short trip to perth and i was like "huh" 4 days still go to Perth. Sheepishly, i did the same and i must say this is one of the best trip to perth. Compact, fun and enjoyable. I miss the blue skies and deep blue sea.

And yes, 4 days perth! it can be done! After all perth is just a 4.5 hrs flight away. Think of it as something similar to going Hong Kong. 

The itinerary shared below is 3 days self drive and the 4th and last day is public transport. 

My itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at 6 pm, Dinner at Miss Maud Swedish Smorgasbord Restaurant

Day 2: 
  • Rottnest Island - Rottnest Adventure Tour, Fremantle markets
  • Breakfast at Breglia's Piccolo Cafe, Lunch at Lane Cafe, Dinner at Kallis
Day 3: 
  • Caversham Wildlife Park, Margaret river chocolate factory, Cape lavender, Swan Valley Winery Hopping (Sandalford and Houghtons) and the blue house at Crawley Road, Hilary Harbour
  • Breakfast at Little Willy's,Lunch at Houghtons, Dinner at Bellafontes Italian Restaurant
Day 4: 
  • Rockingham - Dolphin, penguin & sea lion Adventure Cruise, CBD window shopping 
  • Breakfast at Tuckshop, Lunch at Viet Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant, Dinner at Red Opium
Day 5: 
  • King's park, Harbour town shopping
  • Breakfast at Toastface Grillah, Lunch at Burger edge, Dinner at airport
Details of the travel to be shared in details in subsequent post.
To see: Refer to Part 2.

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