Friday, March 12, 2010

Banquet - Parkroyal at Beach Road

The Themes

If my memory doesn't fail me, i believe there is 3 themes at Parkroyal. No phamplets are given to me, only a file which the coordinator show us. The presentation is similar to Orchard Hotel. At least they did give us some photos to help us visualise. Some hotels just verbalise. Anyway, a friend on mine held her wedding there and i took the opportunity to take some pictures to share.

And the good news is there are 2 themes that day at both ballrooms. I even sneaked photos from another wedding. Yay!

Closeup of the reception table.

The reception area

The stage

The guests table and seats are white.

This one is obviously a garden theme wedding with all flowers and hanging veins.
The reception
The ballroom

Some close ups.

The ballroom
The smaller ballroom have stairs that you need to ascend.

The suite

Choice of bridal suite is the superior or deluxe. If i remembered correctly, there is only one bridal room and it similar to the deluxe room i was shown.

I asked to be shown both rooms.

of course, a double bed will replace the twin beds. :)

The vanity room. Looks pretty up to standard.

The deluxe room is definitely more spacious and well furnished.

The glass toilet. Good only when you have extreme privacy.

Even the toilet looks more stylish.

Wedding Favours

From Parkroyal

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