Saturday, August 30, 2014

Australia - Perth - 4 Days 3 Nights (Part 3 - To Eat/ To Stay)

To Eat with review and recommendations:
Generally, i find the prices for dining in Australia more expensive than Singapore. 

Breglia's Piccolo Cafe
Address: 28 High St, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160

Chance upon here for breakfast at Fremantle when the cafe we wanted to try out was actually a pack and go coffee joint. 

Bellafontes Italian Restaurant -  3 stars, mid range
Address: 28 Southside Dr Hillarys Western Australia 6025

Honourable mention of the fisherman's bag of gold. This the best dish i tasted that night and i have never had something like this before. The bag is well fried and the mixture of prawn, scallops and snapper is a perfect blend of seafood.

The other dishes are quite standard and nice.

Little Willys - 3 stars, mid range
William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Food is nice.

Kallis - 3.5 stars, mid range
Address: 46 Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia 6959
Whenever i go to Fremantle, i will definitely go for fish and chips, oysters and lobsters at the fisherman wharf. This time is no different. The food never disappoint. Much to my chagrin, as usual they are so stingy with the sauces. Every time the mayonnaise for the fish and chips is never enough and if you buy the dipping sauce its too much and they don't have it in smaller sizes. Grrrrl....


Little creatures brewery -  4 stars, mid range
Address: 40 Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia
Went for drinks only. But the drinks and ambiance impressed me. I drink cider which always taste sweet and nice to me. My friend had beer and is absolutely smitten.

The Lane Cafe - 3 stars, budget

Address: Somerville Ave, Rottnest Island, Western Australia

This is located on Rottness island itself. There are not many options on the island for food. The most popular by far through my observation is Sub-way. 

While it stated that this place sells hot dogs,while i receive the hot dogs, they actually look more like burgers instead. Taste wise, its quite different from our usual fare of hot dogs and definitely quite tasty. Though i find it quite a mouthful to bite.

Tuckshop cafe - 4 stars, mid-range

Address: Unit 1/180 New castle street

One of the best breakfast i had at Perth. No wonder its the most raved place at the moment. The cafe is full within minutes of our arrival. And everything is so nice!

From overseas

Viet Hoa - 3 stars, budget

Address: 349 William Street, Perth, Western Australia 6003

Tried the following dishes - Boneless roast duck/ dry egg noodles served with crispy fried chicken and boneless stuffed chicken wings. 

Absolutely love the dry egg noodles served with cripsy fried chicken. We over ordered and have plenty of leftovers while the food taste absolutely delicious.

Red Opium - 4 stars, mid-range

Address: 21/326 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Though the address indicated Hay street, the main entrance of the restaurant is off hay street and to make it more difficult to find, the restaurant is located in basement level. So its pretty easy to miss while walking along Hay street.

The food is asian flavours presented in Western plating and deconstructed. So plenty of surprise and keeps me interested and anticipating on the food.

We tried Yin and Yang Dips, Green Curry Deconstructed, Crying Wagyu and Dessert platter.

Toastface grillah - 3 stars, budget
Address: Grand theatre lane, Perth, Western Australia 6000

This place has plenty of directions along the way. As you have to walk through alleyways, it can be pretty intimidating.

A very warm inviting place which the owner painstakingly decorated. Feels very arty to me. Give it many thumbs up for effort and heart put in.

My husband jokingly ask me if the name has its originals from Singlish. Looks a little like it if you pronouce it as "grill lah"

Burger Edge  - 3.5 stars, budget
Address: located in Harbourtown Shopping Centre

This is most definitely one of the best burgers i've tasted. The beef patty is so juicy, it almost feels like i am eating a steak rather then a burger. Its one of the few burgers that impress me with its taste.

On the list but food not tried:
Blink Coffee Bar - few places to sit
Address: 19A High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160

Friends restaurant - Fine dining
Address: Fortescue Centre, 20 Terrace road, Perth, Western Australia 6004

Rochelle Adonis High Tea (pre booking required)
Address: 2 St Albans Avenue, Highgate, Perth, Western Australia 6003

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen Restaurant
Address: Shop 10, Wesley Quarter, 93-95 William Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000

To Stay:
Pensione Hotel

This hotel is located in the city centre. I really like its location as most of the food that we want to eat are relatively near either by car or by walking. 

The rooms are clean and neat. All the basic amenties that is required is provided for. Most importantly, there is wifi access (though chargeable).

Travel tips: Do note days where there is extended night shopping or activities. The day is usually Friday.

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