Saturday, January 10, 2015

Australia - Tasmania / Melbourne - Day 1 (Part 2 - To do/see, to stay, to eat)

As this is a long trip. I decided to break down the details in days. Hopefully, this makes the reading a little easier and less boring. For the entire itinerary, please click here.

To do:
Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)
655 Main Road Berriedale Hobart Tasmania 7011

This place is about a 15 mins drive from Hobart. Its situated along a river and very picturesque. Some of the exhibits (level B3) are closed during my time there. But I find some of the displays too morbid for my taste. Blood, death and gore seems to be the main theme here.

The highlight will be the death gallery. It limits 2 pax per entry into the exhibit. Each couple entering have the read and abide by the rules. i.e follow a certain pathway or risk falling into the water. Imagine the anticipation, luckily this exhibit is not to gory nor frightening. At least I came out in one piece!

I like the red fat Ferrari. Its a super cute exhibit. And some of the things that made an impression is the white library and the Buddha made out of incense dust. There is a boxed maze that you can try and see where it ends up to.

To Eat:

The Fish Bar - 3 stars, mid range
Address: 50 Kings Street Sandy Bay TAS 7005

This place is surprise find. I originally planned to have lunch at Solo Pasta & Pizza. I missed the fact that its only open for dinner. So I consider myself lucky to have any food at all in this street.
Its a great place for the first pit stop as there is 2 hours free parking at the supermarket, Woolsworth. You can get your supplies (water, chips and titbits).Go for the fish and chips! The fish and chips here is surprisingly fresh and yummy. I tried the calamari rings as well. Its thick and chewy and I will rate it ok.
Coffee at Yellow Bernard - 4.5 stars, mid-range
Address: 109 Collins Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Drop by this place for coffee as it is raved by everyone. Even the passerbys told me its the best place to have coffee when I am locating it! With so much good reviews, expectations are definitely set high for this place even before i get there.

And true to its fame, this place is a plus plus.  I love the fact that they ask how much sugar we want in the drink. The drink itself is smooth and easy to swallow. The coffee itself can be drink from the takeaway cup immediately without being scalding hot. Too bad we can sit down and enjoy the cuppa and relax.

This place is a strictly a coffee and tea place. Only simple pastries like macaroons are available. Its definitely a no-no if you are thinking of having breakfast here.

Da Angelo Ristorante - 3 stars, mid range
Address: 47 Hampden Road, Battery Point, Hobart 7004

This is another place highly raved and super packed. Food served here is Italian. If you wish to eat here, better to have a reservation way in advance especially for Friday nights. We are considered lucky to even get a window seat and we actually arrive quite early like about 6 pm. The food generally are good but I am overwhelmed by the salt level in the food. Tasmanians love very very salty food. Remind them to go easy on the salt if you're a Singaporean. Trust me on this.

Food ordered: Nicolina's Special, Original calzoni

Solo Pasta & Pizza - unrated
Address: 50B Kings Street, Sandy Bay, TAS 7000

To Stay:
Kettering - Rosefield Bed and Breakfast - 3 stars, high range
3096 Channel Highway Kettering TAS 7155
This is my first Bed and Breakfast stay. It is located out of Hobart and tranquil. We opt to stay at Kettering for the night primarily due to its proximity to the Bruny Island Tour early next morning. This place is literally an animal farm, you see llamas, sheep, goose, chickens and peacocks. Each has their own names too. Special mention to their dog, Maggie. Super hyper and friendly dog. My hubby is in love with her and wants a dog now because of her. 

The wifi is a little poor as you practically need to go to the hallway or the kitchen before getting some signal and bandwidth. Water in the bath is unstable. Its either too hot or too cold but still acceptable. Weather is freakingly cold that night (think 3 degress celcius) so warm water for bathing will serve those of us from the tropical climate better.

Bed is comfortable and in general a hospitable place to stay. There is a fireplace in the main area for a few drink and walnuts to eat but we are too bushed for the day (due to the overnight flight).

Breakfast served the next morning is a good old hot breakfast "made to order" just for you. Menu for us that day is toasted bread, scrambled eggs with bacon. You will simply request what you wish to eat from available ingredients.

*Please note that the bedrooms have no locks. Though we have a good night sleep with no intrusion. :D

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