Friday, February 6, 2015

Australia - Tasmania / Melbourne - Day 2 (Part 2 - To do/see, to stay, to eat)

To do: 
Bruny Island Cruises
Kettering bus pick up point, Oyster Cove Marina

To cross the river merely take 15 minutes. Bulk of the time is spent on waiting in line for the queue. All the vehicles are packed pretty closely so maximise the space. Passengers on the vehicle can alight and walk around the barge during the river crossing.

Payment for Bruny island cruises is on the day itself. All visitors must decide whether to add lunch on the menu. If you order when you return from the trip, there may not be food at all. 

The 3 hours ride in the sea is so so cold. Personally, i think that this ride is more suitable for older children as it can get pretty bumpy and somewhat like a roller coaster ride. The wind is blistering and my hands, ears and feet are frozen. 

On this cruise, you can getup close and personal to the towering cliffs, arches and blow holes. Towards the end of the trip, we are chasing dolphins. There are many of them and they seem so carefree and happy. With 3 boats, the dolphins do have a whale of a time surfing.

Mount Wellington
After the cruise, we made our way back to Hobart city and straight to Mount Wellington. We made it in good time after 6pm. Fortunately there is still sun and the city is still visible. Its a aerial view of the city. Feels good to have the city of Hobart below your feet. You're literally at the top of the world. 

To get to mount wellington summit, it is either a car ride up or you can stop at hike your way up (for the more adventurous). Not for me definitely!

The summit also house an observation deck. It is open on summer months from 8am to 8 pm and winter months from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

Word of caution, there are no street lamps on the way up/down the mountain. So be very careful when driving up at night.

To Eat:
Cafe after bruny island cruises - 4 stars, low range
Address: where you paid for the tickets

To reserve this is so important and crucial because there is practically no where else to eat unless you drive to the island. And because the weather is so cold there is no better place to get warm after the cruise. It is the most fulfilling thing to drink a bowl of hot hot soup. The best part it didn't taste too bad at all.

Get Shucked - 4 stars, low range
Address: Bruny Island Oysters, Lease 204, 1735 Bruny Island Main Road Great Bay, North Bruny, Tasmania 7150.

This is one of the very best fresh oysters i've ever tasted and priced for a steal! I bought half a dozen because my SO proclaimed that he will only taste one out of the 6. He end up eating half of the oysters and keep asking for more!

The oysters are so succulent and they taste so fresh that it reminds me of the ocean. 

Smolt - 3 stars, mid range
Address: 2 Salamanca Square, Hobart 7000

This is a very popular place to eat. In general, i find that most of the places near this restaurant is packed on Friday night. So i'm kind of expecting this to be super yummy due to the crowd and the online raves. 

Food wise pricing is reasonable and well presented but there is no "wow" factor and none of the dishes that impress me. Might be that i ordered all the wrong dishes. Though service here is far more superior then any similar restaurants in Singapore. 

Food ordered: (a) Roasted beetroot, asparagus, artichoke, roasted pumpkin puree, kettering grown hazelnuts, goat curd croutons salad, (b) pizza (c) spring bay mussels, white wine, garlic, parsley, dill shallots, saffron aioli. 

The one dish that I will order again will probably be (c). Because they are well cooked and the potato (not sure if it is but certainly taste like potato) is fried till golden and crispy.

Ice-cream is also highly recommended online but i've yet to try it myself. 

To Stay:
Hobart - Travelodge Hobart - 3 stars, mid range
167 Macquarie Street, Hobart City, Hobart Australia, 7000

This is a standard no frills bedroom but in a very convenient location with free parking. Most importantly its clean and neat. 

This hotel is within walking distance to Salamanca market. There is also no free wifi provided nor breakfast.

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