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Australia - Tasmania / Melbourne - Day 5 (Part 2 - To do/see, to eat)

To do:

Freycinet National Park
The park is 2.5 hours to 3 hours from either Hobart or Launceston. From Bicheno, its 12 km.

Freycinet Peninsula is effectively 2 eroded blocks of granite joined by a sand isthmus. The imposing granite peaks and the many white sandy beaches that dot the penisula are among the highlights.

Freycinet has wonderful coastal and mountain walking, ranging from short walks to the overnight Peninsula Track. There's also also wildlife, wildflowers, sea kayaking, climbing, abseiling, offshore cruising to observe marine life and sea birds or just relaxing on the beach in the shade of she-oaks.

Highlight: Wineglass bay lookout. Outside magazine rates Wineglass bay as one of the world's ten best beaches.

Many stops was made during the tour at Freycinet National Park in the following order: Friendly beaches, Cape Tourville, Wineglass bay lookout, Lootitetermairrelehoiner.
Friendly Beaches

Friendly beaches - soft white sands and the ocean for company. You can walk for as far or as long as you wish. There is a section where the road is not paved and its just gravel. Be ready for a bumpy ride.
Cape Tourville

Cape Tourville

Cape Tourville - Stupendous coastal vies of the Freycinet National Park, its a 20 minute circuit and a very easy walk.

Wineglass bay lookout

Wineglass bay lookout

Wineglass bay lookout - The most challenging walk but the effort put in the steep uphill climb is totally worth it. Crystal clear waters and the white sandy beach of wineglass bay is a beautiful sight to behold.  Majority of the tourist will make the way back to the carpark from the wineglass bay lookout. For the more adventurous, proceed to the hazards beach circuit. Its a 11 km circuit and head down to the beach. It has a very steep uphill climb and rough path descent. This is a walk i find too challenging for me. 


Loontitetermairrelehoiner - Heart of swansea is a walk that offers stunning coastal scenery and passes throough a shearwater breeding area. The birds can be seen at dusk in the summer months.

DIY Penguin Tour
In front of the beach of Sealife Centre. The numbers of Fairy penguins are relatively lesser but you can wait and see for as long as you need. Do wear warm clothing as the weather can get really cold. A torch or a phone is really useful. 

Foreshore walkway
The foreshore walkway is made of huge boulders almost like the Bay of fires. Since, we are definitely not able to make it to the Bay of fires this will have to make do.
foreshore walkway

One of the features of the foreshore walkway is the huge blowhole. One of the 3 Bs in bicheno (Blowhole, Blue Edge Bakery, Sir Loin Breier Butcher). While we are there, the waves are quite mild so its relatively safe to go near the blowhole. But,being the timid mousey me, i strongly discouraged my SO to go anywhere near it.

To Eat:

Freycinet Marine Farm - 4 stars, budget
1784 Coles Bay Road, Coles Bay, TAS 7215

Freycinet Marine Farm

Fresh seafood harvested daily from farm. Eat in or take away. We had mussels, oysters and abalone. Very fresh seafood. For oysters, i very much prefer the ones we had at Get shucked! but this is good as well. Fresh and affordable.

Offered on the menu for oysters are au naturel and kilapatrick. We tried both and of course au naturel is the best. Others we eat are pan fried abalone with lemon butter, garlic scallops and mussels steamed with lemon. All is so yummy. The abalone is soft and tender.

The owner very nicely provided us with mussels to try when we told them we are uncertain and if they can give us one to try. They actually served us 2 mussels for FOC. Perfect customer service! And i most impressed with the Blue Tasmanian Mussels. Refreshing with a tinge of the sea, doubt will ever taste something like this ever.

Ugly Duckout - 3.5 stars, budget
2 Franklin Street, Swansea

This is also a random find at Swansea. Our timing is pretty odd, neither lunch nor tea. But my SO is in need of some caffeine. We are the only customers in the restaurant.

The owners welcome us and even cook us the finger food we ordered. And while we are there we casually asked what makes a latte the lady owner actually patiently explained the difference between a percolate, latte and cappuccino. Thumbs up for service. Lots of thought has been put in the decor of the place as well .

Though we did not have an actual meal there, i still decide to rate it well due to service accorded to us.

Sealife Centre- 3 stars, mid-range
1 Tasman Highway
Sealife Centre

Sea view facing sealife centre

Fish of the day VS Tasmanian salmon. Who wins? Fish of the day. Tasmanian seafood must also be paired with Tasmanian wine. Dinner is better than our expectations considering that this is not even on our list of place to dine. This is a random walk in. I like the sunset view. 

Tombolo Freycinet - unrated
6 Garnet Ave, Coles Bay TAS 7215

Pasini cafe - unrated
Shop 2 -70 Burgess Street, Bicheno, TAS 7215

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