Saturday, April 25, 2015

A real wedding in Cebu (Church ceremony and banquet)

I recently attended a wedding in Cebu -a church wedding followed by a wedding banquet. I was curious to find that the wedding has plenty of similarities to our Singapore style Chinese wedding in particular the banquet and its sequence. However, my evaluation is probably biased as i understand the bride is of Chinese descent.

The Cebu wedding surpasses my expectations on several counts, an impressive travel themed decor. It was even more luxurious than our local Singapore hotel's set up. Good range of food served like crabs, fishes ( yes, you read it correct fishes, not one fish), noodles, pork knuckle and the best mantou i ever eaten. The photo booth set up is also much more professional like a corporate set up with a fixed camera station. Live music and singer also entertained us throughout the dinner.

travel theme, wedding
live music that adds the oomph factor

Some of the differences observed are drinks (different types of soft drinks, drink water) are placed on the table for the guests to help themselves. There is however no dinner menu which i can refer. At the end of the banquet, the guests happily took away the wedding decorations either the entire floral table set up or selected flowers types they prefer.

I enjoyed the dinner much more than anticipated and with this positive experience, i am much more open to attending another overseas wedding.

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  1. How beautiful Church! The theme which you have selected looks so luxurious, and the best idea is that soft drinks, and water was placed on table for your guests to help themselves. Great decoration of Banquet Halls which you have selected.