Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alive Museum - Singapore

I decided to do something different on my birthday this year. Took time off work, had a relaxing free lunch and visited a place of interest.

When we entered the museum and there are about 10 booths and a mirrored room. Though in the mirrored room there is a mirror door labelled "EXIT" sign. We thought that was the end of the entire museum and was horrified to have spent $25 per person but after passing through there are more sections to play out various scenes. Some of the booths are close for maintenance and so i missed out on quite a few paintings.

I completed the pictures in 1 hour 15 mins including queue and wait time to take pictures. The Alive Museum is quite a fun place to go for an indoor activity on a lazy sunday afternoon. Particularly for those who like to take pictures and to enact different scenes. There are numerous examples at every booths that you can follow should you run out of ideas on how to play out the scene. Though interesting, visiting it once will be sufficient for me.

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