Monday, March 6, 2017

My dream Korea photoshoot - and the dream came crashing down

Finally got something related to wedding to share on the blog.

The first time i heard about korean photoshoot is probably a year after my wedding and i remember that i was pretty surprised that they only do indoor photography. But the photos are really romantic and have very elaborate sets. 

In korea, they don't call it prewedding. In their own local terms, they call it a wedding rehearsal.

I am not sure if it is to cater for foreigners visiting on short term, but a full photography session can be either completed in one day or two days.

For a 2 days photography, the first day is usually a 1.5 hours gown choosing session. The time is possible as brides can only choose to try 5 gowns within the allocated time frame. The second day is purely a  make up session followed by a 4 hours photography session. Albums will only be ready 2 - 4 months from the time of photography. The album and frame will be couriered to you (charges may apply separately). A package typically includes make up and 4 gowns (2 white gowns, 1 coloured gown, one mini dress and a tuxedo). Shoes and hair accessories are included for ladies, Men need to bring their own black shoes and black socks.

The sample photography showcased for the year is probably the exact shots you are getting. The poses and background are similar only the bride/groom is different. So don't go in expecting something different.

On a smaller scale, its called semi-wedding. Photography session is shorter, maybe 1 to 1.5 hours.

The pricing across studio are also somewhat similar and it also depends on the size of the studio you selected. At the time of writing, I find the pricing on Hello Muse an agent very competitive and all comprehensive. This is the only agency i contacted to get a quotation.

The others, i liaise directly with the studios. The studios i reach out are Roi Studio, CN studio, Sum studio, Bong studio, Studio Wonkyu, Lumiere studio and Cheongdam studio. The general pricing range for these are between KRW 1,450,000 to KRW 3,900,000. I will group the pricing as follows: budget (CN studio, Lumiere studio), mid-range (Bong studio, sum studio, roi studio and cheongdam studio), luxury (Studio Wonkyu).

Things that may or may not include in the package:
- photo edits of album
- photo frame and album
- EMS charges of frame and album
- translator
- transportation

Not sure if it is possible to negotiate for these items as my prime objection is to assess if their package suits my needs and budget for my trip to korea.

I was given a budget of S$1,000 (since we have done a photoshoot before) and below. Based on the above quotations, i won't be able to have my dream photoshoot after all.

Photos are all credits from all the studio listed above.

Tip: For more info and reviews on these studios, its always better to google them on naver.  You won't find any information except from overseas customers.

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