Tuesday, May 9, 2017

SKII @ Seviin Tangs is closing for good

Shocked! I wasn't expecting this piece of news and i was about to try to buy another facial package at the coming 12% rebate.

So upset i was that i cancelled all my other activities for the day. I've been coming to this facial since 2014 and i always enjoyed my session with my therapist Cammie who always make me feel at ease. I am also comforted by the fact that this is a big name brand not those facial salons that could shutter up anytime with no compensation.

So its kind of sad to find out during my facial that it might be my last. SKII is closing by Jun 15, 2017 and they won't be continuing when Tangs reopen their facial counters at level 4.

I am unsure if i will look for another facial place as alot of places don't perform extraction now. Extraction is good to clear the pores and allow skin to absorb the nutrients better. Or i might just rely on all the facial masks i purchased during my Korean trip.

Compensation for the balance of unused package will be carried out in July 2017 for existing customers.

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