Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Selection of Wedding Date (择日)

Wedding Date (Chinese traditional wedding ceremony) is most important and crucial part of the wedding plan. Both for practical and traditional reasons.

Without an actual date, you will be unable to proceed with your wedding plans, like the booking of venues and photographers etc.

Moreover, to a chinese, we are most particular on the selection of a good date as it symbolise the beginning of a good marriage and an auspicious date brings you and your partner good luck.

Personally, there are several ways to select a wedding date. You can choose any method as long as you are comfortable. But do also consider the preferences of your elders.

DIY date
You may choose a wedding date which marks an important day to both your and your significant other. Some examples are the anniversary, the day he proposed, the day you first met or dates that are unique i.e 09 Sept 2009.

Alternatively, you can refer to the chinese Feng Shui Almanac (Tong Shu). The Tong Shu helps you to choose an auspicious date for the wedding.

Please note that the Tong Shu is typically published in the 2nd half of the calender year and only provides the dates for a year.

You may wish to refer to an electronic version available online:

Geomancer/ Fengshui Master
Some may opt to seek the assistance of a geomancer/feng shui master to assist with the selection of wedding dates using chinese metaphysics.

The charges of the geomancer varies from S$50 to S$500. The charges are also dependant on the reputation of the master and nature of services.

Geomancers are able to calculate the best wedding dates based on the Ba Zi of the couple. Hence, the couple should prepare the below details when visiting,
(a) exact birth dates and times of the couple
(b) year of birth and animal horoscope of the couple's parents
(c) the couple's planned wedding month and year
(d) whether or not the wedding needs to be held on weekends or public holidays

The services provided may or may not include the following:
(a) Giving the Wedding Gifts (過大禮)
(b) Setting the Bed (安床)
(c) Wedding Ceremony (接新娘)

Word of caution though, you may only get to see the disciples or a electronic print out from a computer.

Prior to committing, you may wish to enquire on how the master arrive at your auspicious dates or if you must see the master instead of the disciples.

Temple date
Some temples employs masters at the temple who can assist you with the wedding date selections without any charges.

However, you may wish present a token of your appreciation to the master.

With the above information, i wish you all the best in your wedding date selection.

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