Sunday, August 16, 2009

Banquet - Hilton

This is what welcomes you from the entrance.


Crystal at Vista room

The wedding reception

A close up of the wedding reception table with champagne roses

The vista room with all the tables. The set up is incomplete when i took the picture.


The stage

The VIP tables in close up

Another view of the VIP setting

The guest setting

I happen to have European Charm setting for Vista room. Hence, i have also put up the pictures below with an actual wedding as a reference to other brides.

Black/Red at Panaroma

The Panaroma is located on 24th storey beside the swimming pool. It is quite ideal if you wish to have a romantic poolside solemnisation.

A close up view of the wedding reception table.

The reception area

The pool reception. The pool area will be closed off from visitors from 7 pm for the wedding function.

The stage

The march in along the ailse.

The VIP table setting

Close up of the VIP table

The guest table setting

European Charm at Grand Ballroom

The wedding reception table

The reception area

The red carpet for the wedding couple.
This is an L shaped march in and there are some pillars in the room.

The stage settings

The VIP table setting. I like the idea of a joint VIP table of 12 for the wedding couple. And the petals on the table add a romantic touch to the the event.

The VIP seats also have roses adorning the chairs and wrapped in organza.

The table setting for the guests.

The oriental style menu

Table requirements:
Grand ballroom: min 30 - max 50 (min 40 tables for a saturday)
Vista Room: min 20 - max 25
Panorama Room: min 18 - max 24

The food
There are 2 menus to select from from wedding banquet dinner: Passion and Devotion.
Devotion is the pricier of the two and it is the only menu available on auspicious dates.

The hotel has changed its menu in June 09. Personally, i've not tasted the food for the wedding dinner but my significant other thinks that the food is commendable based on his recent experience at a banquet.

The bridal suite

The bedroom

The vanity room cum washroom

The living room

The suite is really huge. One of the biggest i've seen and very roomy. The decor is more inclined to a business feel.


The list of wedding favours

This is the hotel that solitairebride has finally booked for her wedding.
The package compared to holiday inn atrium is more expensive but still more affordable as compared to her other preferred choice mandarin oriental. The package is also comprehensive with most of her requirements like wine/pretty decorations/nice suite.

Most importantly, she is able to fulfil her min tables requirement and the actual day that she want is available to her as well.

Do stay tune for other hotel reviews that will be posted up in the following months.


  1. Hi, when is your wedding? Is vista room march in narrow? Seems like the walk way is quite narrow and if the room is so long, wil the audience at the back able to see what is happening on the stage?

  2. Hi Eslynn,

    if i remember correctly, there is two lcd screens at both ends of the room. so in such instance it shouldn't be a problem.

    the march in is indeed narrow especially if wearing a huge ballgown.

    For me, its the size, price, availability and ambience and hilton fits the bill. I guess everyone has to weigh their pros and cons. There isn't alot of hotel ballrooms that cater to between 20 - 25 tables with crystal lightings. All the best in your search.

  3. Hi solitare bride,

    I just signed up with Hilton hotel and hv a few ques to ask u.

    Which ballroom u took? How's the food?

    U mind if u emaile at


    1. Hi Yu Yan, the food is quite good for banquet fare. I took the crystal ballroom beside the grand ball room.