Saturday, October 17, 2009

Banquet Orchard Hotel


Orchard hotel is one of the first hotels that i viewed due to it reasonable pricing and high and pillarless ceilings. And my favourite, chandeliers! In summary a perfect ballroom and a very comfortable suite. Or so i've heard.

Its chinese restaurant food Hua Ting also came recommended through friends.

Choice of themes include Indulgence, Dazzling dreams or Celestial charm. A pity i'm unable to share these themes with you except for one.

A more detailed look of the theme.

credits to Intuition Photography

A grand entrance with confetti.

The reception area

The reception table decoration

The table settings of a guest table.

Table requirements:

Orchard Grand Ballroom: min 60 - max 100
Orchard Grand Ballroom 1 & 2: min 40 - max 55
Orchard Grand Ballroom 3: min 25 - max 32


credits to Intuition Photography

Credits to Intuition Photography

ROM at one of the function rooms

credits to Intuition Photography

A pleasant surprise awaits the wedding couple. A thoughtful touch by the hotel.

The cherry namecard holder aka paper weight. Something unique as a wedding favour.

And of course the lugagge tag.

My Review

Personally, i've attended weddings at Orchard Hotel. The ballroom is nice and the ambience is right. The bridal suite is really comfortable and huge.

Food is acceptable and you can mix and match based on the options available.

The pros is of course the flexibility in perks and FREE FLOW of drinks (beer and house wine!). And i believe due to its competitive pricing, its almost always the most popular hotel and probably booked way in advance. Especially for hot dates. So if the above all fit your pocket and criteria, just do it! Wait no more.

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