Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photography and Videography to get under S$2,500

I've finally come to the end of my research and booked my photographer (PG) and videographer(VG).

This process is by far the most tedious. Especially if you're picky and has a tight budget to work with. And your wedding day is like the most "IN" date of the year.

Of course i appreciate the art works and the to die for pictures from a premium PG from the > 3,000 range. Still, i can't make myself part with my heart earned money.

My voice of reason will nag me till no end if the final output from this premium range fails to deliver.

So the consensus with my beau is i'll keep to the budget of S$2,500 inclusive of a videographer.

And yes! I want a videographer because its my wedding day and i want to keep the memories to remember. I figured that my brain cells don't work that well. All memories and chronological order will get mixed up and fuzzy over time. Most importantly, i'm going to miss the gatecrashing and of course i want to see it! How he got tortured for my sake. :P

Yup! I'm such a sadist.

Well, if you ever unsure if you should proceed with a videographer.
Use a pro/cons list and you can see which side of the list is longer and more important to you.

The Videographer

Personally, i feel that looking for the right PG is harder than a VG. Because there is only so much you can pick on the videographer. The quality of express highlights, the edit of the whole day event and any extras that are being offered to the package.

Thinking back i think i like the final delivery of the first videographer. How he integrated photos with the videography and the video interface that he show us for section. But i feel that his express highlights are a tad too long. The shortest clip i was shown is 7 mins and how he can't seem to get it any shorter. His shortcoming is definitely not being able to edit and snip out all the important parts.

And being the budget consicious me, i axed out all the videographers who are above S$2,000 IMMEDIATELY. Time constraints and no money.

And of course i like my videographer editing prowess. And the contemporary style express highlights and of course the MTV express highlights. If the video interface and the various sections are done more seamlessly. i.e naming of the various chapters with cute names and short introductory either stills or love poems or quotes and a photo slideshow (i don't care if it gets replicated to a thousand couples) it will be more than perfect.

The Photographer

I reviewed like countless portfolios online. Maybe fifty if not hundred. Serious!

The source came from Singapore brides, Clubsnap and friends recommendations

First i will check out their website (if any) followed by blog (if any). If i like them, i ask for a quote. If they are really expensive, then goodbye.

I even set up an spreadsheet listing all the PGs in terms of price and grading. From this i shortlist my photographers and arrange to meet them.

Research is not the worse of wedding planning. It is the coordination between different parties that kills. So tiring!

After meeting up with the photographer, we'll see if we like the personality/sincerity of the photographer and their works. I will usually ask to preview one full day series taken by the photographer to see if their works are consistent. If the photographer is an asshole or try to rip me off. That it! Sayonara....

Anyway i'm so glad i got finally decided on my photographer. I like the photos that are shown to me. The attention to details on still (shoes etc) and the people. The different feel create to bring emotions to a picture. Antique or high resolution. Though more attention can be placed in expressions and actions. And also posed classy and jazzy group photos can bring out more character.

Did i meet my budget?
Well. Sadly i've a exceeded my budget by a bit. Most importantly, i've two committed full timers who are passionate about their work. Yes! They will continue to improve till my wedding. So they do their best for my wedding. Woo hoo.

I'll share more on my photographer and videographer and their fabulous works in the coming posts. Stay tuned!

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