Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miror Creations Wedding Videography

Edited after wedding:

Solitairebride review:
The actual delivery is quite different from expectation and i had to keep chasing for delivery. It was very much delayed 1.5 months with me contacting him every day on the final week and i had to picked up the final product at his place and he refused to see us.

The MTV style video is ok but the requested song that i've sent him was not used. Such oversight! The after sales service leaves much to be desired.


Let me introduce my affable videographer, Ernest who turned his passion to his profession.

Got to know of his works through a mutual friend and was visibly impressed with his MTV style highlights.

So we made a trip to his place where he show us his works. By far, his edits made the deepest and most lasting impression. Love express highlights and MTV style full day highlights to the bits.

We're also shown snippets from an actual day DVD. Though, maybe if the main page from the DVD can be make more interesting.

Gate crashing is by far the most interesting aspect on an actual day. (HONEY hope you are reading this!)

Some of his works to share.

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