Monday, November 23, 2009

Mini Wedding Dolls

My amigurumi kit parcel finally arrived.

And so what's in my amigurumi kit package? Hmm.....

Let's see. I got some free gifts. And also a sampler i requested for free wedding favour.

Isn't this cute? And so tempting!

And also free mini memos. You know what this reminds me of? a little of the olden days when all the needles are kept. I think this is also suitable to make into a wedding favour?

And a crochet flower. I can make this into a key chain or a brooch. So sweet of the Lis from saplanets.

So i got 5 rolls of wool and 2 bags of fillings to make my dolls. I haven crochet for sometime. This is definitely going to be challenging.

But if need to save a little money and learn something new. Its worth a try.

So this should be the final output from my crochet. Let's see how long i take to this pair and how similar it will look like this pair.

For brides, interested in getting the kit or completed dolls:

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