Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Malay Wedding at Joyden Hall at Bugis+

I never realized that there is a separate hall within the shopping centre with facilities available for rent. The location of this place is quite accessible to all and HUGE. There is plenty of room for a reception and seated tables in the hall. In this instance, the reception area is converted for buffet corridor on both sides. There is still plenty of room in the centre for walking. The reception area and main hall is indoor and air-conditioned.
The reception exquisite decor

The main hall area is decorated with the guest tables on both sides, the pelamin at the background and a giant paper cranes centre piece from the very tall ceiling complete with a centre stage. The decoration is tastefully decorated.

The pelamin with the groom and bride's seats

Pelamin with fairy lights behind
Main stage with macarons instead of cake, high ceilings and the hanging paper cranes elogate and highlights the tall ceilings
This is the first malay wedding that i attended and i am most impressed with the food. All the food that i tried are yummy and delicious. And i've eaten more than i intended to.
Lunch buffet at main reception area

Sumptuous food display at Malay weddings

All the sisters wear the same ice blue flowy dresses and the brothers ice blue baju melayu. Even the brides parents wear blue malay costumes.
matching flowy blue costumes

I love the photobooth which allows the guests to access the photos after the event and download it on their own.

Guest tables

This is definitely a very nice and comfortable wedding to attend and a choice location is always an added bonus. Based on my experience at a guest, i will definitely recommend this place to those considering on holding their event here.

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