Sunday, August 2, 2015

Philippines - Cebu - Day 2 and Day 3

To do:
Day 3 is spent on an island hopping cum snorkelling day trip organised by tour agency.

Welcome to Nalushan Island
This is a very interesting and fulfilling experience. So glad i tried it at least once. This day trip is a pretty steep partly because we booked it through the hotel counter but they accommodated our request to start our day early and end it early. We have highlighted it that we must be back to Cebu City by 4 pm to catch our flight at 7.55 pm on the day itself. They have fulfilled their promise to us with a little extra time for us to freshen up at the hotel before departing for the airport. I am also pleased with the fact that this trip is all inclusive. i.e there are no extra/ hidden costs. What's more food is also included.
Our transportation to keep us dry to the big boat

This is SO getting all panicky before the boat head out to sea.
OMG! What did i sign up for?
We are quite shocked that they actually told us that there is may be no float and its per special request. Nearly freaked out because SO did not know how to swim and i am also not a strong swimmer. I am thankful for the fisherman who tow 2 of us around with the float in the 10 feet deep sea. Fortunately, this is also an off-peak season for snorkelling and we have the entire boat to ourselves.

Mission accomplished!

I think i look more like the drenched chicken then SO in this picture.

I didn't wear my contacts so i used my googles without the snorkeling gear.That's me with the fisherman.

On our trip, we saw a Korean tour group guided by their Cebu plus tour agency. Cebu plus provide really exceptional service with almost one guide to 5 pax. I saw a kid in a cast and the poor guide has to carry him around even to the beach. Wow!

Nalusuan Beach
The waters is so clear that i can see all the seaweed and starfishes from the bridge i am standing on

To Eat:

Moon cafe - budget, 3 stars
IT Park, Lahug St. 6000 Cebu City

Mooon Cafe - IT Park
This place is recommend by ladyironchef so i decided to give it a try.

This drink is their signature drink. And its really refreshing and fruity.
Moon steak


I think the rest of the food is still platable but not exceedingly memorable.

Nalusuan Island - 4 stars

While i wasn't expecting much for lunch. But i am pleasantly surprised with the quality of food served. There is plenty of variety to eat. All the seafood is very fresh and yummy. I let the pictures speak for itself.

Food is so good that i even finish up the grilled fish. I normally don't eat grilled fish as its usually a tad too dry but this is nice. So it end up in bones.
Yummy chips

The only dish we didn't lap us is this plate of seaweed. Tastes is quite plain and a little tough to chew.

Grilled chicken and pork

Tropical fruit

To Stay:

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino 

The very modern new check in reception and lift lobby got me all excited and looking forward to my stay though the exterior is a little dated. Afterall, this is a 4 star hotel in Cebu and my SO chose this instead of Marriott
The modern reception and lift lobby

Looks are really deceiving!

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino - Our roomlike a scene from 1980s
I am quite surprised when i finally see my room. Its very old with furnishings that scream 1980s to me. Looks like the hotel did not change any of the room furnishings since then. The arm chair in the room has a nail head poking it. One may cut themselves with it if not careful.

The toilet is another disappointment. The shower head and taps are all old and rusted.

The only plus points are friendly hotel staff and its proximity to IT park.

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