Friday, August 19, 2016

SAR, China - Hong Kong - 4 Days 3 Nights (Part 2 - To do/see,to eat, to stay)Day 1

To do:
35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Visit to this place is impromptu as the original plan is to visit an art exhibition ParaSite Internationl Residency at Wing Wah Industrial 藝術空間. This place is only open from Wednesday to Sundays from 12 pm till 6 pm. After browsing PMQ from 1 pm – 4 pm which left no time to visit Parasite. 

There are mostly apparels and household items. Some very small art exhibits. In essence, it reminds me abit of the old Heeren in Singapore. Suitable for those who like to browse and explore. 

To Eat:

Little Bao - 4 stars, mid-range

66 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong

This place is quite small and packed. The reason we are visiting here is because of Asian food channel recommendation and the food shown on TV look so appetising that its on my must try list.

I like the décor and atmosphere of the place. Food is served within minutes of the order. Truffle fries is different from Singapore as it has only a pinch of truffles and topped with minced meat and mushroom. This gives the fries a touch of Asian flair and yet unique.
I ordered the Szechuan Chicken Bun while Hubs ordered the Pork Belly Bun. Both are unique in flavours but I like the chicken bun better as I felt the fried chicken is a better complement to the bun than the pork belly.

The Pork Belly Bun is soft, tender and juicy is also another perfect option. Servings are a little dainty and it might require at least 2 buns to fulfil those with an appetite of a bowl of rice. I think its a good idea to serve buns like a burger. That's the main reason for trying this place.

One Dim Sum 一点心– 4.8 stars, budget 
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, No.15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

This place is quite small and packed, most importantly, it’s a Michelin star restaurant. We reached the place late as we are catching up on our much needed sleep and only dragged ourselves out of bed at 8 pm. There is an existing queue and we had to wait for quite a bit and finally its our turn at 9 pm. I think after us there is no longer any waiting time to be ushered into the restaurant.

We ordered a total of 9 dishes after some googling. My favourite is the sesame balls while for hubs it’s the beef meat balls. All the dishes are restaurant standard and super yummy.

 The steamed minced beef balls is Hubs favourite dish. Its juicy and well marinated.

My favourite dish is this! Deep fried sesame balls! The flour is very chewy but the out crust upon frying is very crispy. Yums!

We both agreed that this steamed sui mai is very good! Definitely one of the few best we have ever eaten.

The soup is tasty to drink but as its soup of the day it all depends on what they are brewing for the day.

Barbecued pork bun is great too. Originally wanted to try their barbecued pork bread as it seems to be very recommended. Unfortunately, it was sold out and we opt for this as the alternative. The filling though is sweeter than in Singapore.
Fried egg stick with honey is really unique and special. Never had this anywhere else. Though nice but having too much of it can get over indulgent and decadent.

A very good dessert to wrap up the meal is the mango custard roll as its light and delicious. Very refreshing taste as the mango is wrapped in flour and coconut.
The egg custard bun is no bad but i still prefered the dainty ones we have at crystal jade.
Among all the dishes, this is least outstanding. I will order something else instead of this.
The entire meal is served with light palate Pu-er tea. 
Total damage here is HKD 183 (SGD 32). Its super value for money for the quality that we are having.

To Stay:

Novotel Hong Kong Century Hotel
238 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

This place is spacious with comfortable beds. There is adequate pillows that is of different softness/firmness. The TV channels that I was watching is not very sharp but I wasn’t too particular as I wasn’t in room most of the time and we always hit the bed when we return to room. Room is made up and clean every day. This is one of the better hotels I found in Hong Kong.

An added bonus is the free wifi access in rooms and at the public areas. I am a sucker for free internet access and it’s the game changer when it comes to booking of rooms.

We accidentally booked the premier lounge access but didn’t get to utilise it fully for the breakfast, hi-tea and cocktails. We love the sunny side up so we did try to have it for breakfast every other day. As most of the food that was planned for this trip is a little lacking in vegetables and fruits, I try to have my serving of fruits there daily as well. 

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