Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding Bands Engravings

Engraving is a popular way for couples to personalize their wedding rings, and there are many different types of sentiments that can be inscribed on rings depending on whether the couple is interested in a simple romantic note, a funny, quirky engraving, or a sentimental inscription.


Give me a thousand kisses (Hers); And then a thousand more (his)
I keep the ends out (Hers); for the tie that binds (His)
For you see, each day I love you more (Hers); Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow (His)
Grow old with me! (Hers); The best is yet to be (His)
A perfect fit
Now and forever
I found love, and love was you
From this day forward...
You are SO mine
My love, my life, my friend
Today, tomorrow, always
Eternally yours
All You Need is Love
Two wishes left
True love stories never have endings.

Mine, all mine!
Put me back on!
I married beneath me, all women do.
I only snore for you
the world's smallest handcuffs
When love is not madness, it is not love.
It was the worst drink I ever had! (His); All it took was lemon juice and vodka! (Hers)

Red light, Sweetie!
Wrapped around you forever
1 room, 1 bed, no p.j.’s

Wide band rings may be able to have longer inscriptions than just the few words that most bands can comfortably fit.

When choosing an inscription idea, it is important to select one that will be as timeless as the romance it represents. A quote from a movie popular the year of the wedding may seem appropriate at the time, but in a few years it may be cliché or misunderstood.

When filling out an engraving order sheet, couples should print clearly and double check spelling and spacing for clarity, and extra time should be allowed for the engraving process in case of delays or errors.

Very fine engraving may eventually be worn away, so couples should opt for thicker, clearer fonts and deeper engravings if possible to ensure the words last as long as the love behind them.

The solitaire bride's take

The above are some engravings that i really like and wish to share. After much deliberation and consensus between me and SO, our personal favourite is "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours ~ 101010" meaning forever yours, mine and ours.

I was really shocked to learn that i can only engrave 10 letters on my ring on the day of collection! So in the end we only engrave our initials and our wedding date right on the spot! So be prepared to make impromptu decisions or ask more kiasu questions?

And today i finally collected my rings from Soo Kee. I was informed that they may no longer give away wedding pillows! Then don't tell me i'm getting one right? They will informed me if they ever stock up? We'll see if it really materialises.

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